Chidinma sold me Ataga’s laptop for N495,000 – Businessman

A businessman, Mr. Ifeoluwa Oluwo, recounted how the laptop of murdered Super TV general manager Michael Ataga was sold to him for N495,000 by Chidinma Ojukwu two days after Ataga’s body was found .

Chidinma, a 300-level mass communication student at the University of Lagos, has been accused of killing Ataga.

The undergraduate student and two others, Adedapo Quadri and Chioma Egbuchu, are on trial before Lagos State High Court Judge Yetunde Adesanya sitting in Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos State.

When court resumed Thursday, Oluwo, the third prosecution witness, was presented as evidence by Lagos State Prosecutor Yusuf Sule.

Oluwo said he sells phones, laptops and accessories to Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, and has been in the business for five years.

According to him, after seeing Chidinma on social media after the laptop was sold, he immediately made sure all of his documents were on hand.

The witness identified Chidinma as a customer who bought a phone on April 30 and also sold a laptop on June 18, in the same office.

Oluwo said, “On June 18, Chidinma sold me a MacBook Pro laptop for N 495,000 after negotiations and a market value comparison. In order to make a sale, you must submit documents and fill out a form with your government ID card, driver’s license, international passport, voter card and national ID number.

“You also need to fill out a form that includes email, phone number, home address and full name. It will also contain the total item value for that day, the item name and the item serial number.

“This is what we do to contact a customer if there is a problem.

“I asked Chidinma to unlock the laptop and she did. So I did my internal observation which included speed performance, battery circle count, and general functionality.

“After that I asked questions, ‘Do you have a receipt for this laptop? ”

“She said it was a gift from her boyfriend and that she had two laptops and had to sell one to pay bills.

“I did an audit on a website for my market assessment. I have confirmed the value of the laptop. It was $ 1,000 to $ 1,200. The dollar exchange rate at that time was N400 to N450 and she wanted to sell for N600,000. We were able to trade for N495,000, which I initiated from my UBA bank account to his Sterling bank account.

When asked if Chidinma produced the receipt for the laptop, Oluwo said she was unable to provide the receipt as she insisted it was a gift from her boyfriend.

“After the laptop was sold, we saw his face on social media about a murder case. A few days later, the police from the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, invited my director, Olutayo Abayomi.

“When I got to the police station, I found out that it had to do with the laptop we bought in Chidinma on June 18th.

“We both made a statement detailing how we designed the laptop and how we made the purchase.

“We turned over the previous owner’s documents to the police, which included a copy of his voter card, a copy of our form, and any receipts already containing his laptop information.

“There is no way to detect that a phone or laptop has been stolen,” Oluwo said.

During cross-examination, Chidinma’s lawyer, Onwuka Egbu, asked if he had been shown any documents, receipts or proof of ownership showing that the laptop was not for the first accused in Panti, but the witness said that he was not shown any.

Judge Adesanya adjourned the case until November 29, for the trial to continue.

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