Cocktail Dreams Entrepreneur

Industry leaders had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Ayotte, the founder of Ohza, a company that makes authentic sparkling wine cocktails with real juice, but with fewer calories and less sugar.

Industry leaders: Were there any challenges as CEO of Ohza that made Ryan doubt his skills? How did he overcome them?

Ryan Ayotte: There have been plenty of times Ryan was unsure of how to tackle certain issues, or even spot a problem that presented itself to him. He found that the best way to overcome this was to hire great people who are experts in their fields, as well as build a strong group of advisors to use as a sounding board.

Industry leaders: How did he come up with the idea for Ohza and how does it align with his vision?

Ryan Ayotte: The idea started when his friends and Ryan tried mixing mimosas on a tippy boat off Cape Cod, Mass. When the cocktail cruise they were on turned into a mess, he started researching ready-to-drink options and realized there was a huge opportunity and despite having no experience. drinks, he decided to create a can mimosa himself. Overall, Ohza stays true to its essence of creating authentic sparkling wine cocktails with real juice, but with fewer calories and less sugar.

Industry leaders: Can he mention some experiences that made Ryan believe in himself and develop Ohza?

Ryan Ayotte: He always rocked different inventions and business ideas, but never thought they were good enough to pursue them. When the idea of ​​a canned mimosa hit him on this boat, it stuck with him. He kept researching the market, collecting consumer feedback and eventually convinced himself that (1) it was totally unique and a real market opportunity, and (2) he would always regret it if he didn’t pursue it. not. When Ohza finally launched, a major proof of concept for him was Whole Foods buyers who loved the product and decided to sell it there.

Industry leaders: what steps he thinks can add to Ohza’s journey?

Ryan Ayotte: Adding key business partners is always a big step for Ryan and the Ohza brand as it is continued proof that they are doing something special. Ohza always aims to beat its competition in terms of sales volume as well, so it’s extremely exciting to see reports from some retailers that show Ohza is selling better than some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Industry leaders: what’s next for Ohza in the growing industry?

Ryan Ayotte: The company has a strong focus on growing the business in terms of distribution and brand affinity. Ultimately, Ohza hopes to become the number one canned cocktail company in the United States.

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