Condo Building Safety + Local sports drinks for young entrepreneurs

Good Wednesday, Five cities! Here’s everything you need to know to get your day off to a good start. Here’s what’s happening in Five Towns today.

Find out how local politicians want to verify building security after condo collapse in Florida. Read a touching story about a Suffolk Police Officer who assisted a family during a traffic stop. Get business advice from a successful 27 year old company founder.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day: Wet and partly cloudy all day, with a high of 86 degrees.

Here are today’s top stories in Five Towns:

  1. Jerry Barmash reports that a Local politician calls for new state law that would require engineers to inspect buildings after condo collapses in Surfside, Florida. State Senator Todd Kaminsky held a press conference to discuss the matter, and the age of many condominiums in Long Beach and Long Island. (Room)
  2. Daysi Calavia-Robertson profile a young entrepreneur who makes what he says are healthier versions of sports drinks. Lamar Letts was an athlete at Hewlett High The school and only 27 years old, the Woodmere resident has a thriving business called Hylux. (News day)
  3. Newsday has this Long Island’s Water Quality Report of the Week, Stony Brook University’s survey of bays, harbors, rivers and inlets. Hewlett Bay received a “fair” rating, depending on water clarity, oxygen levels and levels of algae or bacteria from human or animal waste. (News day)
  4. John Asbury has the story of Suffolk County Police Officer Pete Zotos, who stopped a car in Selden and saw a two year old boy who was in an undersized car seat. Zotos bought a larger car seat for the boy after his father, Mario Romero, of Valley Stream, said he couldn’t afford it. (News day)

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Today in five cities

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  • Plaza Theatricals, Nassau County’s premier professional theater company, announced a season of shows, starting with Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” in October. The shows will take place at Elmont Memorial Library. (News day)

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