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A Cornell businessman, with an investment in a building in downtown Ladysmith, received a warrant for his arrest in Eau Claire Circuit Court last week in three cases.

Tyrel D. Sikora, 27, has been charged with one count of issuing worthless checks (>$2,500), one count of theft in a commercial setting >$5,000 – $10,000 and one count of theft in a commercial setting >$10,000-$100,000.

If convicted, Sikora could be sentenced to a maximum of 19.5 years in prison or a $45,000 fine or both.

On June 9, in Eau Claire County Circuit Court, an arrest warrant was issued for Sikora.

According to the criminal complaint, on May 18, an Eau Claire police officer contacted a reported victim regarding a robbery that occurred in October 2021.

The victim said he received a $39,000 quote for Sikora to paint an Eau Claire residence under the trade name Sikora Prime Painting and Washing LLC. The victim agreed to pay the costs in advance.

Sikora has a second business in Ladysmith under the name TDS Property Investments of Ladysmith. Sikora is the new owner of the former State Bank of Ladysmith, commonly known as the Old Pioneer Bank Building. Sikora bought the building at the end of December.

Work was to begin on November 1. The complaint alleges that Sikora failed to finish one of the rooms in the house and used the wrong colors inside the house. The victim said he was upset by Sikora’s working conditions, where fingernails were left uncovered, making them dangerous for his family.

The victim emailed Sikora informing them of their dissatisfaction with the work in progress and the conditions.

The victim provided emails and a contract, signed by Sikora, to the officer, in which he agreed to pay the victim $23,000 for work he did not complete. Sikora also agreed to hire painters to complete work that he was unable to do himself.

According to the criminal complaint, Sikora demanded to reimburse the victim $14,844.53.

The contract, signed on April 6, stipulated that Sikora would initially pay the victim $13,000 by April 15, then $2,500 per month until August to repay the $23,000 contract.

When the victim attempted to cash the original check for $13,000, he was allegedly returned insufficient funds. Three letters were sent to Sikora notifying them of the bad check. The victim also left a letter at Sikora’s home.

In December 2021, the victim searched for Sikora on Facebook and noticed that he was allegedly vacationing somewhere tropical.

The officer searched the Wisconsin court system website and found that Sikora was the defendant in several civil lawsuits. The victim spoke with Sikora’s bank and learned that the bank had received numerous complaints about Sikora writing worthless or worthless checks, according to the criminal complaint.

In March, Sikora reportedly paid another painter $1,447.24 to complete work at the victim’s home. This check was returned without sufficient funds.

Both the painter and the victim asked Sikora to be charged with contractor fraud.

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