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MUMBAI: Observing that he cannot be a helpless bystander, a special PMLA tribunal on Tuesday while allowing the Execution Directorateimprisoned businessman’s plea request Pravin-Rautin another case in Delhi, said the investigator will have to undertake that once his custody is over, he will be returned immediately to Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai.
The court also said the bail hearing for Raut in the money laundering case before it will also need to be completed first.
“I am convinced that once the defendant is handed over to the Enforcement Directorate without recognizance, there is an eminent risk that he will not be brought before this court and that the court must be a silent spectator,” said Special Judge MG Deshpande.
Last week, the prosecution argued that it was not for the investigative body to engage. The court said that as “guardian of the defendant’s rights”, it felt it necessary to impose the condition due to recent events where two other defendants, the Wadhawan brothers, were directly transferred from prison without the prosecution makes no intimating request. . The court said that to date they have not been readmitted to Taloja prison. The court said their trials were ongoing and they were both “without a trial”.
Pointing to other circumstances in Raut’s case, the court said that all of this, on its face, indicates that the same horrific scenario is likely to happen with him. He further said that it should be noted that it is time to break the modus operandi trend used by some investigative agencies.
On July 16, the ED moved the court to produce Raut in a Delhi court in a money laundering case against PACL Ltd and group companies. The court then said that in light of the episode involving former DHFL promoters Dheeraj and Kapil Wadhawan, and there was no letter from the relevant court, it would be appropriate to allow Raut to present observations on advocacy ED.
The court further said that in the case of the Wadhawans, they were immediately arrested in jail and taken to Lucknow without hinting. The court said that in Raut’s case, the production warrant was sent to Arthur Road Jail.
The court said that in order to protect the rights of the Wadhawans, it sent demand letters to the Lucknow court four times in June and July. He said that “shockingly”, apart from the CBI’s response simply referring to the orders issued by the Lucknow court, no information was given to him. The court said these are horrific consequences of the responsibility entrusted by the director of Taloja prison to the investigative agency.
Raut’s lawyer had argued that the situation had created a psyche of fear in his mind that he would be likely to be transferred to various other cases once taken to Delhi.


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