Daily Habits of Ultra-Successful Business Owners

Every successful business owner will attribute part of their success and positive mindset to their habits. Whether it is sleeping a certain number of hours each night, reading a set number of books per month, or starting each morning with exercise and / or meditation, each leader has developed a set of habits that guide their daily routine.

With so many problems to solve, sales to close, and priorities to balance, these routines create a sense of consistency and often provide time to rest and recuperate as well as time to learn and grow outside of office hours. Just as professional athletes have a certain warm-up and stretching routine before workouts and events, many leaders find that maintaining their routine helps their state of mind, makes them feel better, and allows them to improve. perform at their peak.

How to adopt healthy habits

Self-discipline is a key trait for any leader, especially for someone who wants to pioneer their industry and achieve lofty goals. In order to develop healthy and lasting habits, it is essential to start with small, measurable goals that you can implement in your everyday life. Jayson Waller, Founding CEO of POWERHOME SOLAR, attributes a lot of his mindset for success to his simple morning routine. Every day, he wakes up at 6 a.m., eats breakfast, helps his children get ready, and then drives them to school. After that, he goes to the gym, takes a shower, and makes sure he’s dressed professionally before heading to work. While it may seem simple, this focus on family and personal health allows Waller to start each day with a focus on feeling better and performing at his peak.

The proof of Waller’s methodology is obvious: He has grown Powerhome Solar to over 2,100 employees since 2014, and the company is on its way to becoming a billion dollar company. He hopes to one day get the company public and wants every employee who helped him build the business from scratch to share that success.

Waller’s daily routine was developed with two goals in mind: to stay focused on making good decisions for all of his 2,100 employees, and to spend meaningful time with his family.

Stay focused on what matters

Many executives say their workdays consist of an endless flurry of calls and meetings. There are so many things that need their attention, and only a short window of time each day to complete the necessary tasks. Good leaders know how to delegate effectively and focus on what requires their full attention. In recent years, horizontal or “flat management” structures have grown in popularity. This type of organizational structure distributes power and decision-making skills more evenly among employees. The objective here is to give them a sense of individual and corporate responsibility. Every captain needs a strong team by their side. Trusting employees more (and focusing less on their micromanagement) indicates that leaders trust them.

Learning to delegate helps CEOs focus on what matters. Managers must give full attention to what can only be accomplished by them. This level of focus will make a big difference in your business.

Daily habits are a solid foundation for ourselves and our businesses. Waller’s balanced approach puts him in the right frame of mind to handle anything thrown at him. He focuses on the right things and does what he needs to do every day to achieve his goals, personally and professionally. If you are a business owner or owner, be sure to proactively adopt habits that will make a difference to your business.

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