DVIDS – News – Students Immersed in RIA Factory Opportunities with Career Day

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. – Five Rock Island Arsenal – Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center employees shared their careers and experiences with Rock Island High School “Rocky” students at a school-hosted career day on March 30.

Members of the RIA-JMTC team were invited to participate in this career day, which aimed to bring 100 professionals from across the Quad Cities to speak to the students, due to the command’s historic connection to the community.

Founded in 1862, RIA-JMTC, with a mission to manufacture and supply preparedness solutions to the Department of Defence, is one of the region’s largest employers, most employed in the QC community and several alumni of Rocky. These team members fill a variety of positions including welders, machinists, engineers, analysts, and many others needed to support warfighter readiness.

RIA-JMTC’s participation was coordinated by Brandy Goettsch, RIA-JMTC Human Resources Manager.

“It is important for RIA-JMTC to participate in career events with local high schools to discuss our abilities and the many career opportunities available,” Goettsch said. “It’s important for students to realize the importance of personal career development and explore career opportunities that will broaden their exposure to the world of work they will one day enter.”

RIA-JMTC representatives at the event included Goettsch; Ryan Wood, Chief of Staff; Robert Burkhead, Senior Resource Management Analyst; Andrew McCalley, mechanical engineer; and Glynn Roach, additive manufacturing machinist.

Each volunteer spent their day providing insight to up to 150 students. RIA-JMTC employees gave a presentation to the students highlighting their career details, skills needed, the link between high school classes and their duties, benefits and guidance. Additionally, they conducted hands-on activities including building a tower of printer paper and tape designed to hold a can of soup and a tabletop exercise to test their decision-making processes. These activities have been designed to engage students and give them insight into the skills needed for different professions.

Employees volunteered for a variety of reasons, including getting out of their comfort zone, engaging with the community, and providing guidance to students.

“It was an opportunity for me to help these high school students prepare for this transition from high school to the next step for them,” Wood said. “I remember having a lot of questions at that age and how I really appreciated people who took the time to talk to me about it.”

For Rocky graduate Roach, this opportunity was more personal.

“I volunteered for two reasons: the first being that I went to Rocky and one of my biggest influences on the career path I followed was a teacher at that school,” said- he declared. “The second reason is that I enjoy teaching my work and the capabilities of 3D printing.”

All of the volunteers said they enjoyed working with the children and the teachers and it was a great collaboration between the staff and the volunteers to engage the high school students and give them insight into their future.

“I was very impressed with the event,” McCalley said. “It was well organised. The teacher I was partnered with was enthusiastic and helped reinforce some of the points I was trying to make. »

“I thought the event was a great opportunity for students to interact with professionals from all walks of life,” Wood said. “It was also a great opportunity for us at RIA-JMTC to start thinking about ways to integrate ourselves more into local communities and work with local schools to build partnership relationships.”

Strong community involvement is a priority at RIA-JMTC and participation in events like this fosters vital relationships within the community, encourages personal growth and highlights the impact that being A model.

“I would challenge everyone that the next time an opportunity arises to give some of your time to students, please take it,” Wood said. “They’ll appreciate it and you could have a huge impact on someone’s life.”

If you would like to partner with RIA-JMTC for a community event, contact the Public Affairs Office at [email protected]

Date taken: 30.03.2022
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