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KOCHI: Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia has partnered with Malayalee entrepreneur Aji Abraham to develop Showreel, a new social platform featuring short video profiles of job seekers. The platform, launched first in India and then in the United States, will soon prove to be a big step forward in the employment sector, officials said.

The app can be managed easily like Instagram and Tik-Tok reels. Although the main goal is to connect with potential employers, the platform would also help young entrepreneurs to present their start-up ideas.

“We hope Showreel will change the way businesses hire their workforce. Showreel asks separate questions for ranked positions that mentors or hiring companies would ask in interviews. What makes the app unique is that job seekers can speak for themselves quite naturally. With the perfectly nested responses, we create a professional video profile, ”Aji.

“Obviously, your video profile is much more interactive than a written CV. These videos will help make the recruiting process faster and easier for large recruiting companies,” he added.

Aji is the founder and CEO of the computer company Armia Systems at Kochi Infopark, which has a team of engineers of 280 members. He has been working for a few years with the founder of Hotmail, Sabeer Bhatia.

“During the Covid period, we discussed a lot the idea of ​​Sabeer Bhatia developing a video platform to help job seekers,” Aji said.

In his new role as Showreel’s co-founder and CTO, Aji led his core development team of 10 engineers, in addition to the internal consulting team, who worked full-time to develop Showreel.

The Showreel app is available on Android and iOS.

Aji Abraham is from Muvattupuzha in the Ernakulam district. He holds an engineering degree from the College of Engineering at Thiruvananthapuram, as well as an MA and MBA from Arizona State University, USA.

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