Every wrestler who beat Chris Jericho to a world championship, ranked from worst to best

When it comes to professional wrestling legends, Chris Jericho has cemented his name in the history books for several reasons. Jericho traveled the world, starting in 1990, and perfected his art to the point where he became one of the best wrestlers in the world. Whether it’s from his humble beginnings in Canada, or across Japan and Mexico, until he hits it big in all the big promotions in the US, he’s proven why he’s one of the absolute best. .

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Jericho’s career earned him accolades in these promotions, leaving his name etched in the history books of many companies. As Jericho rose through the ranks in various promotions, he eventually reached the level of the world championship. He has won numerous world championships, and even as he reaches the twilight of his career, he still aims to add more to his trophy.

6 Jack swagger

Jack Swagger world champion

Cashing in a Money in the Bank briefcase on a World Champion has a very high success rate, and Jack Swagger added to that statistic. As the sixth case holder, Swagger only kept his contract a few days before successfully cashing in Chris Jericho in an episode of SmackDown to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

While a victory over a legend like Jericho should have helped boost Swagger’s career, his reign as a world champion was poorly received. With a short reign that did not allow him to stay in contention for the championship, it was seen as a failed experiment by fans. If Swagger could have done more with his championship run it would have helped him maintain a successful career path, but instead he’s a footnote in WWE history.

5 Batista

Batista WWE

There is no denying the dominance of Batista’s reigns as a world champion. He went on to become one of WWE’s most popular wrestlers in his day. But sadly, beating Chris Jericho at Cyber ​​Sunday in 2008 did not result in a meaningful title reign. In fact, it only lasted a week before Jericho beat him again as the feud would quickly dissolve.

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A feud between Chris Jericho and Batista should have had a much broader focus, but she played the role of second fiddle to other feuds occurring on SmackDown at the time. Since the pair had hosted multiple WWE Championships before, they should have been ready for a big box office feud. Instead, things came to a head too quickly between them, and this title change is often overlooked.


4 Jon moxley

jon moxley

In order to put AEW on the map in the eyes of fans, they had to have proven box office prints competing for the AEW World Championship right out of the door. Casual wrestling fans are able to recognize both Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley, so having them feud for the Championship made perfect sense and helped create some magic during AEW’s first year on television.

Fresh out of his WWE run, Moxley was shot from a cannon when entering AEW, and fans ate his world championship pursuit. When he finally defeated Jericho at Revolution 2020, it was seen as AEW’s first big breakout moment as a promotion. Without the Jericho and Moxley feud, AEW might not see the level of success it is today.

3 Triple H


Chris Jericho’s first and only WWE Championship came after he defeated “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock on the same night at Vengence 2001. It was his first move to prove he could carry a business on his shoulders. as he worked towards greatness as a champion. Unfortunately, he was never able to regain that championship again after his loss to Triple H at WrestleMania 18.

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While some fans claim Jericho’s reign was too short, it was the right time for Triple H to become champion. Coming out of a year-long absence, fans were ready for him to return to the top of WWE Mountain, even though Jericho had been an entertaining champion. Fortunately, Jericho’s career would be more successful, and this was only the start of his championship rise.

2 the rock


During his first contact with the main event scene, Chris Jericho has come face to face with The Rock on numerous occasions and looked at home to challenge The Great One. Whether they were competing in the ring or spiel at the mic, they had instant chemistry, which made the moments between them electric to behold.

In a time when some of WWE’s biggest stars were leaving the company, The Rock helped make Chris Jericho a main level star for the future. Following The Rock throughout their feud, it proved Jericho belonged as the main event star and added another World Championship to The Rock’s legacy, which 2001 wrestling fans were. more than happy to live.

1 Jean Cena

John Cena becomes new heavyweight champion at Hell in a Cell 2013

Chris Jericho’s run in 2008 is considered one of his best wrestling runs, and has resulted in several runs as a heavyweight world champion. As a jerk in a suit, Jericho was able to drive the business forward during a downturn in business and was very successful in his run. The key to a successful good-bad-villain story is sending fans home happy that the good guy has triumphed over evil.

Jericho was such a good villain that fans were eager to see him get trampled on by one of their heroes, who turned out to be John Cena. Returning to an injury at the 2008 Survivor Series, Cena received a world championship shot in Jericho. After his victory, a feud broke out between the two superstars, which solidified Jericho’s legacy during his best WWE performance as a main event star.

Ricochet Chris Jericho EC3

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