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The owner of a horse farm in Le Roy which suffered a devastating fire about two and a half weeks ago is trying to rebuild before winter arrives in a few months.

Garry Wilson of Garry Wilson Quarter Horses, 9420 Warsaw Rd., Is trying to get a new barn built and currently lives on the property, said his daughter, Joelle Hernandez of Nashville, Tenn. He currently lives in a motorhome donated by someone. Initially, after the fire on June 14, he stayed with a friend. There are broken water lines on the property, but Wilson was able to hook up the motorhome to a working line.

Hernandez said Wilson hopes to have a barn built by winter. The animals are mostly staying outside at the moment, she said.

“He hopes to have a barn built … so he has a place for the horses and a place to put the hay so it doesn’t rain and get ruined,” she said. “His goal is to set up the barn so that he can take care of the animals and not his house.”

As for the Garry Wilson Quarter Horses horses, Hernandez said his father doesn’t own them. People pay him to keep the horses on his property.

“They are show horses. They (the owners) want a certain level of care… ”she said.

Donations totaling $ 1,185 were reported on the GoFundMe site on Thursday. Hernandez said donations would be greatly appreciated, but that she hopes the total raised will be over $ 25,000.

“I published the GoFundMe and asked people to share it. It’s something where if somebody wants to give $ 10 it’s wonderful, ”she said. “I hope he gets over $ 25,000 because I know his financial situation.”

“I know there are people in Roy who stopped and wanted to help. It’s a very easy way for people to help, ”she said of the site. “He is overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from all the people who wanted to help.

Regarding the GoFundMe page, Hernandez said that she and her half-sister, Kacie Ferrando, had never created a GoFundMe page before.

“We weren’t sure what to put on (for a goal) and I just found that amount,” Hernandez said. “I don’t know the price of corn. I do not know the price of the wood. It’s not cheap, anyway. The supplies he lost in the fire, he could replace them for the animals. This is one of the reasons my stepsister and I did the GoFundMe.

Hernandez said the house is attached to the barn and the barn to an indoor arena. The indoor arena, about 70 feet by 150 feet, contained equipment and the barn included a garage and shop. The garage included a vehicle and a motorcycle.

“The indoor arena had 500 bales of hay which was completely lost,” she said. “If that happened in winter, there would be more problems. Animals need to come in the winter and they need hay.

“The insurance policy would not cover the contents of the barn or the indoor arena. There wasn’t enough coverage for that, ”she said. “He lost some equipment in the indoor arena.

“People don’t understand the scale of this fire,” Hernandez said. “It was a hay fire that took it all away because there was so much hay in there. It was a horse farm that caught fire. People offered to bring him hay and he refused because he didn’t have a place to store it.

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