For a career in healthcare, look no further than Britannia Care, where they “grow their own”

When Mr. Chaudhry Inayat Khan, Director and Founder of Britanna Care, in Girlington, says that ‘care is at the heart of business’, you would expect nothing else but to put care at the center of business. Britannia’s business ethics have added resonance, because Mr. Khan also refers to the care devoted to helping Britannia staff reach their full potential.

Mr Khan said: “We train our staff to be ‘Britannia caregivers’ which means tailor-made training and a clear career path within Britannia – from intern to caregiver to nursing home. caregiver, team leader, assistant manager and manager. We grow ours at Britannia Care!

Two members of the current Britannia Care team are proof of how Britannia supports its staff. New mum Sabah Khan, 21, has worked at Britannia Care for three years and has risen through the ranks to become a senior caregiver.

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Sabah said: “Age hasn’t been a barrier for me to go from being an intern to a senior caregiver in just three years. Britannia Care has a clear career path and provides the best training and support.

At Britannia, the support system is structured to help staff reach their full potential. In an industry where there are currently staff shortages, Britannia Care offers a clear career path for those looking to carve out a future in care – with Britannia supporting you throughout the process.

Another local staff member who has developed her skills and worked his way up the ranks is Director Nina Butor, who has worked at Britannia Care for eight years.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Nina said: “We take care of our staff. We have a warm and welcoming approach, which starts at the top. It is important that we help our caregivers reach their full potential.

“Caring for and caring for our staff ensures that we create the holistic approach to care that we want to encourage. ”

Britannia Care Director Anis Khan added: “We have a very competitive salary package, which we believe is above industry standards and which is attractive and reflects the current times.

“The environment here at Britannia is friendly and built around teamwork. This creates an environment that allows our team to provide the care our residents deserve. A good atmosphere helps to provide good care.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

As well as offering training and a clear career path within Britannia Care, the company also supports staff ambitions, even if those ambitions involve leaving Britannia.

Mr Choudrhy Inayat Khan added: ‘We are proud that six former staff, who started their careers at Britannia Care, have continued to work in the NHS as nurses, while others have created their own. company in the care sector.

“We don’t believe in shackling our staff, but encouraging them to reach their full potential, even if that means eventually leaving Britannia Care. ”

Currently Britannia Care has five vacancies for caregivers. If you are interested in a career with Britannia Care and would like to know more about current vacancies, please contact Nina Butor on: 01274 49 48 47.

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