Former Mayfield Football Player and Businessman Works Reconstruction After Tornado Destroys Football Factory | News

GRAVES COUNTY, KY – As hundreds of people struggle to recover from the tornado outbreak in four states on December 10 and 11, a place known as the Soccer Factory in Mayfield is drawing a lot of attention from the the world of sport and beyond.

Local 6 traveled to Graves County on Thursday to meet with the coach known as “Chile”.

All that remains of the Soccer Factory is the foundations of the covered field, damaged sports equipment and a lot of hope.

Luis Pardo, known mostly as Chile, came to Mayfield 20 years ago to play football for Mid-Continent University.

He started a family and several businesses, and just over a year ago his dream of creating an indoor / outdoor soccer complex came true.

It has become a place for the community and families to connect around their love of football, until the tornado almost three weeks ago swept through it.

He not only lost ground, but also his lot – Chili Motors.

After the storm, the children came out to help her start the cleanup. Now they are counting on teamwork to help Coach Chili rebuild.

“I wanted to bring all the kids here because they wanted to come and help, and I wanted them to watch and see that our goal of rebuilding the football factory was not the end,” Pardo said.

After clearing the pitch, Pardo said the children started a game with a soccer ball they salvaged from the storm on the concrete slab that was their pitch.

Tune Local 6 to Six Thursday evening to hear from families supporting the effort to rebuild the football factory.

And, if you want to help out, click here to view their GoFundMe campaign.

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