Four civil servants and a businessman charged with large-scale fraud in the purchase of border fences in Latvia – Baltic News Network

The Public Prosecutor’s Office charged with investigating misconduct offenses by public office holders filed a complaint against four officials of the State Provision Agency and a businessman for possible illegalities committed in the procurement process. market organized for the acquisition of a temporary fence at the border between Latvia and Belarus.

Criminal charges were requested by the Office of Homeland Security in late June.

The NVA accuses officials of supporting large-scale fraud and abuse of power. The businessman is accused of large-scale fraud, reports the prosecution.

As the preliminary investigation continues, the prosecution makes no further comment.

The IDB submitted a total of six criminal proceedings related to illegalities committed in connection with the installation of eastern border infrastructure. A large number of civil servants, businessmen and individuals are concerned.

As previously reported, at the end of November 2021, Latvia completed the installation of a temporary barbed wire fence on the border between Latvia and Belarus.

The installation of the fence began last fall. The fence now follows almost 37 km along the border.

At the end of last year, the evaluation of the fenced territory revealed possible measurement errors, which could cross the country’s borders.

Repeated measurements resulted in approximately 2.7 km of the fence being declared unsuitable. The decision was made to move these sections.

The sections in question were not put into service and the company responsible for the supplies and installation was asked to carry out new measurements and move the fence.

The construction company did. The fence was moved on Latvian territory by about half a meter.

A permanent fence on the border between Latvia and Belarus will be installed in three stages by the end of 2022 and in six stages by spring 2023. However, the conditions and costs will be affected by the progress of deforestation . Related infrastructure will be built in six stages by spring 2023 and in three stages by fall 2023.

It was reported that the NVA’s organized purchase of barbed wire fencing was done in the form of a price survey. Seven companies submitted bids. Brief company won the purchase of barbed wire fences.

However, in September last year, NVA decided to end its partnership with Brief. Later in September, the agency signed new contracts for the installation of a new temporary fence at the Latvian-Belarusian border with Aimasa LLC.

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