Gilmore Girls alum Matt Czuchry revealed his sister predicted his future career

Matt Czuchry’s acting career began in the early 2000s and is still on an upward trajectory. Whatever character he is currently playing, fans still remember him for his breakout role in Gilmore Girls. Czuchry has spoken several times about his time on the show, and he even sat down with his former co-star, Scott Patterson, to discuss his career. During an appearance on Patterson’s podcast, Czuchry revealed that his sister knew he would be an actor before he did.

Matt Czuchry says his sister knew he was going to be an actor before he landed his role in ‘Gilmore Girls’

Czuchry might be busy playing Conrad Hawkins on the residentbut he still has time for his Gilmore Girls family. After appearing at a fan event, he sat down with Scott Patterson to record an episode of Patterson’s podcast, I’m going all out. During the chat, Czuchry revealed that his sister, Karen, predicted he would become an actor long before she thought it was a viable option. However, she certainly didn’t know that he would end up playing Logan Huntzberger.

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Czuchry said he was in college and considering becoming a lawyer when he was walking on the beach with his older sister. During the conversation, she told her younger brother that he would be an actor, not a lawyer. Czuchry went on to tell Patterson that he enjoyed creating characters and stories when he was young. His love for storytelling was the reason his sister believed in his acting abilities.

‘The Resident’ star said ‘Gilmore Girls’ was a training ground for him

Czuchry did not grow as an actor. He insisted he never saw it as a viable career path and was planning something a little more traditional, regardless of what his sister thought would happen. Czuchry’s sister was clearly onto something. Czuchry began auditioning for acting roles after college. While he landed a few small roles, his first big role was on Gilmore Girls. He actually auditioned for the show multiple times. After several failed attempts, Czuchry finally landed the role of Logan.

Matt Czuchry | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

This role turned out to be quite advantageous. Czuchry told Entertainment Weekly that the cast and crew were beyond gracious and really helped him learn his craft. He called the set his “training ground”. Czuchry wasn’t the only young actor to find his place on the set of Gilmore Girls, and he wasn’t the only young actor to get a little help from the more experienced crew. Several young stars had their chance Gilmore Girls and found mentors among more established actors.

Matt Czuchry poses in London to promote
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Czuchry’s current work, the resident, is entering its sixth season. What happens next is anyone’s guess. The show could go on for several more years, or season six could be the absolute last. What comes next for Czuchry is still up in the air. He hasn’t decided yet what he would like to do if and when the resident ends.

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