Greek businessman throws 16,000,000 rupees into trash

Losing even a dime can be a boring experience. Many readers of this article must have gone through distress after realizing that they had thrown their pair of jeans in the washing machine and there was a Rs 500 bill in one of the pockets.

Now think about what level of distress a man may have gone through when he realized he had thrown a bag containing Rs 16 lakh in a trash can. One incident was reported in Greece, where a businessman accidentally threw 19,000 euros, or more than 16,000,000 rupees, into a trash can after mistaking it for garbage.

It was reported that a businessman from the Greek island of Limos was carrying cash in a sack and garbage bag on Monday. On his way to the office, he threw the two bags in the trash. After reaching his store, he realized that he had thrown the bag containing the money with the trash bag in the trash.

The businessman told local media that realizing his mistake he rushed to the area where he had thrown his trash bags, but to his surprise he found the two missing trash bags from the garbage can.

“I panicked and arrested the cops and detailed the money and how I accidentally threw it in a trash can,” the businessman said.

Police officers with him located the garbage truck and caught up with the vehicle in the island harbor before he could empty the contents to burn it.

The businessman told local media that with three officers he went to the rake and started digging through all the garbage. After a few minutes of searching, we found the first trash bag but the bag full of money was still not found.

According to reports, the man and police on finding the first bag hoped that they would also find the one with the money. The businessman and the cops searched every garbage bag in the landfill and finally found the bag with the euros after a hunt for nearly an hour.

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