Haney Technical College, FSU PC, GCSC in Bay County Receive Huge Donations

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BAY COUNTY – Christmas is coming early for Bay County colleges and their students.

The county’s three colleges received significant donations from prominent community leaders and institutions during the week.

Haney Technical College

Haney Technical College officials received $100,000, the largest donation in its history.

Panama City officials donated U.S. bailout funds to the college on Tuesday. The funding is intended to help train a workforce needed for the city’s recovery and build its economy for the future.

Rich Musgrave, chairman of the board of the Haney Education Foundation, said it was heartening to see Haney students being recognized for their hard work.

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“It shows that there are organizations and government entities in our region that certainly understand the crucial nature of workforce development,” Musgrave said. “That particular aspect of the grant certainly has economic development everywhere because that’s what we do is to develop the workforce. … It was very gratifying to see that that was the point culmination of all the efforts we have made to try to achieve this.”

The donation will be used to finance scholarships for the students. Angela Reese, Haney’s new principal, said it was unclear how many students would benefit.

“Our longest program, which is the aviation program, is still under $10,000, so when you think about it per student, that money is going to stretch,” Reese said. “We are delighted to have (this donation). Over 80% of our students receive financial aid.

“The city’s plan for this money was to be able to use it to help bring the city back to life after Hurricane Michael, so they’re mostly looking to the building trades for that, but they’ve opened it up to one of our programs,” Reese said.

Florida State University in Panama

Florida State University Panama City also received $100,000 from the city’s U.S. bailout on Tuesday.

FSUPC Associate Dean Irvin Clark called the moment “transformative” when city officials presented their checks to college officials. He said government officials thinking about local colleges and investing in their education sends an important message to the community.

“People don’t know how much you care until you show how much you care. … What a great way to show the citizens of Bay County that Panama City is allocating $100,000 to FSU Panama City and at Haney Technical College to ensure its citizens can earn a degree beyond high school,” Clark said.

The donation will go to FSU Panama City’s PC Promise Scholarship Program, which provides free tuition and fees to students who reside in Northwest Florida and have a lower combined family and student income. to $60,000 or are eligible for the Pell Grant.

“If you come here, we promise to be your partner, but we also help you understand, within your chosen major, all the different paths you can take,” Clark said. “If you want to understand engineering, not just the engineering major, but all of the pathways, we do that through internships and co-ops.”

In partnership with area military installations, industry leaders, and other FSU departments and colleges, FSU Panama City is tailoring the educational experience to make higher education more accessible to northern residents. -West Florida. FSU Panama City is home to FSU’s 16th college, the College of Applied Studies, which was created to create programs that support and anticipate the needs of Northwest Florida business and industry, preparing students ready for work to meet the economic demand of the region.

Gulf Coast State College

The Gulf Coast State College Foundation announced Wednesday that it has received a $200,000 donation from Charlotte Newby, owner of Newby’s Trading Company, LLC.

The donation will support the Gulf Coast Guarantee program to help all graduating high school students in the GCSC service district with their tuition and fees.

“Gulf Coast State College gave me the college experience on a smaller scale and gave me the confidence I needed to attend a much larger college. It’s a major step to leaving home where you feel safe. Settling into a new world of learning can be overwhelming for a young woman from a small town,” Newby said. “I will always be grateful to Gulf Coast State College for the opportunities it provided me with as it prepared me for a wonderful career path. I am very happy to be able to give back so that others can benefit along their incredible journey to success.

Foundation officials said they were honored to have Newby give back to his alma mater as a top business leader.

“Ms. Charlotte Newby’s donation represents a significant contribution from a beloved local business leader in Panama City Beach,” said Sean Preston, Executive Director of the GCSC Foundation. “Ms. Newby’s contribution to the Gulf Coast Guarantee directly supports Bay County high school graduates and advances the college’s commitment to supporting local workforce development.

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