Harsh Goenka’s list of ‘biggest career mistakes’ resonates strongly with internet users

RPG Honcho Harsh Goenka is not only an industrialist but also a career guide and mentor. And what is amazing is that one can make positive changes in one’s life by joining Goenka’s mentorship for free. This is because most of the life and career advice Goenka gives is on social media and available to everyone.

Goenka, recently shared another flavor of his mentorship in the form of eight “biggest career mistakes” a person tends to make when building their career. These are mistakes that can hamper and hinder the growth and progression of a person’s career path.

The first mistake Goenka lists is – “Thinking you know everything”, followed by “No networking”. The list also advises against arriving late to meetings or not reading about your field. Goenka also said to avoid “just doing the minimum” and to always ask for help when you need it.

Take a look at the eight tips Goenka shared via tweet here:

Goenka’s life-enhancing tweet garnered over 4,000 impressions, including likes and retweets. Some users liked Goenka’s list of career mistakes to avoid.

While others have added their knowledge and therefore lengthened the list a bit more.

Here’s a user adding six new ‘errors’, including ‘choosing a career based on salary’ and ‘quitting without having another job in sight’.

This user took the list down to 18 errors.

Some users took the opportunity to confess to making some of the mistakes and expressed hope to rectify them.

According to this user, his biggest career mistake was not meeting Goenka at an early age.

Goenka, being the guide that he is, also shared another tweet on January 25 that emphasized the importance of the future and advised against meditating on the past. The industrialist used a great analogy to get the message across. Looked:

What more would you add to the list?

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