Hearing date postponed to October 4 for Morgantown, West Virginia, businessman accused of riots on Capitol Hill | New

WASHINGTON, Va. (WV News) – The next court date for a Morgantown businessman charged in the Jan.6 U.S. Capitol riots has been postponed from next week to October 4.

George Pierre Tanios, 39, has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial. He was released and incarcerated at home in Morgantown, with several conditions.

U.S. Senior District Judge Thomas F. Hogan will preside over the Oct. 4 hearing, which is a status conference for Tanios and co-defendant Julian Elie Khater, 32, of State College, Pennsylvania. Khater remains imprisoned.

Due to the complexity of the investigation and the multitude of similar cases, it may take some time for the case to be tried.

Khater obtained a canister of chemical spray in Tanios’ backpack on January 6 and sprayed Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Capitol Police Officer C. Edwards and Metropolitan Police Officer D. Chapman, according to the investigation by FBI Special Agent Riley Palmertree. Sicknick died the next day of natural causes after suffering two strokes, officials said.

The men had “planned and discussed when to use the chemical spray against law enforcement,” the government said.

The alleged chemical spray attack on the police occurred after the two men “jointly and in concert, approached the police line that guarded the perimeter of the lower west terrace of the United States Capitol.” , according to the indictment.

Tanios and Khater have pleaded not guilty and are presumed innocent.

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