How Construction of the 82nd and Indiana Affects Lubbock Business Owners | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas – Business owners along 82nd Street said they were significantly affected by construction at the street’s intersection with Indiana Avenue.

Jennifer Diaz, owner of CBD American Shaman on 82nd Street, said she lost 75% of her sales due to construction.

“Our customers just can’t reach us,” said Diaz, “Our holiday season has been completely wiped out by this road construction here. We called town, complained and they just gave us the tour and honestly they don’t care.

Gail Stanford, owner of the 82nd Barber Shop, said she was worried about her barbers as they lost income during the November vacation month.

“People need their haircuts and if they can’t get to this place, they go elsewhere,” said.[It’s] just sad, i have been here for many, many years, and i have never seen anything like this.

According to Mike Keenum, engineering director for the town of Lubbock, the construction project began on November 11 and is expected to be completed by the end of the day on Friday, December 3.

Keenum said that this construction, while inconvenient for travelers and businesses in the area, is essential for the construction of 3 new water storage tanks that will be installed in the city in the years to come. Keenum said the goal is to help delineate our pressure zones.

“We have a pressure zone and a pressure zone west and our water supply system and the boundary is on Indiana Avenue,” Keenum said. “We need to have properly set valves so that we can isolate these two pressure zones so that we can equalize the pressure across the city and help those high tank leaks work as we need to in a system.”

Keenum said the next 82nd-like project will begin in January on 50th Street and Indiana Avenue.

“We are trying to improve the overall system to help the long term water supply and distribution system and sometimes the advancements make it inconvenient for the public for a short period of time,” Keenum said, “We understand the cons and we apologize for that, but we are trying to improve the system and we are almost done with this part.

Keenum said they would analyze the 50th Street and Indiana Avenue area and consider working nights for the project.

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