How Much Parker Schnabel Really Pays His Gold Rush Crew

Parker Schnabel has truly risen through the ranks of the gold digging community to become one of its top leaders, but it still seems like he manages to find the time to peruse social media. On the “Gold Rush” Subreddit, one user balks at the idea of ​​working for a pittance when Schnabel himself steps in to set the record straight on the amount he pays his workers.

He explains that most people start at $ 28 an hour, but the work itself seems pretty intense. He mentions that people often work around 75 hours a week, so when you factor in overtime, people make around $ 2,590 gross. He goes on to say, “We usually work around 25 weeks, so the gross earnings would be around 65,000 before bonus for a newbie employee. Which I think equates to around 40,000 net… it’s probably this. which I meant by saying 40,000 to drive a rock truck for the season. The median wage is probably more in the range of $ 34 / hour. “

However, workers have a chance to earn even more dough from bonuses. It doesn’t say how many bonuses people usually get, but it is described as “important”. Then there are other mitigating factors, such as the fact that crew members do not have to pay for accommodation or food while on site. When you factor everything in, it’s not a bad life, but as anyone who has watched “Gold Rush” can attest, it is indeed hard work.

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