IPI offers career mentoring to young people

IPI, the UK’s leading digital contact center specialist, offers professional mentorship to young people with UK Youth and Leap

One of the things we are most proud of at IPI is the work we do with our charity partners. From “5K Your Way” to corporate auctions, our team is dedicated to supporting the communities around us and the young people who will become our future workforce. So when one of our long-standing partners – UK Youth – offered us a mentorship opportunity with a youth organization in their network, we jumped at the chance to get involved.

UK Youth is a leading national charity which aims to provide young people with the tools and experiences to thrive. The UK Youth Movement currently has over 8,000 youth organizations and national partners collectively reaching 5.3 million young people across the UK. As a national movement, its aim is to provide innovative services to young people, develop effective practices and campaign to increase support for youth work.

The UK Youth mentoring opportunity has been organized with Leap Confronting Conflict, a youth organization in its network which seeks to provide young people with the tools and skills they need to start their careers. The IPI team were first approached in 2021 about the scheme, with interested IPI employees being encouraged to create a brief profile about themselves which could be offered to potential UK Youth mentees, enabling them to select the mentor who was most in line with their own aspirations.

Led by IPI People Partner Kirsty Freeman, two of the selected mentors were Maxine Chadderton, Project Manager, and Clare Gallagher, Bid Manager. Each met individually with their mentee during sessions built around the most relevant skills and knowledge for young people at the start of their career. This included resume writing, writing cover letters, and interpersonal skills useful for a professional workplace. All activities were carried out with the aim of raising the skills that each mentee already possessed.

The program ran from November 2021 to April 2022, an average of one hour per month in order to adapt to the work of the mentee and the mentor. At the end of this period, one of the mentees even chose to attend a mock job interview with another IPI employee who had not participated in the sessions to give the mentee first-hand experience of the process.

We recently caught up with our IPI mentors to find out more about what they took away from the whole experience. Here’s a little insight into what they told us:

Kirsty Freeman – People Partner of IPI, commented,

“We partner with UK Youth because we are passionate about increasing opportunities for young people across the UK.”

“We support UK youth in a variety of ways, from fundraising to getting involved in volunteering opportunities such as mentoring.”

Maxine Chadderton, IPI Project Manager, commented,

“From my experience with the mentorship program, I found it was more about who the mentee was as a person, rather than just what their career path looked like on paper. point that I found much more essential to work on building the confidence of my mentee and making him proactive in his job search and his applications.

“Because we had to start from scratch when putting together my mentee’s CV, I discovered that I had developed a strong and very personal bond with them. I’ve invested myself in their careers and can’t wait to hear what they do next.

Clare Gallagher, Bid Manager at IPI, commented,

“The UK Youth mentorship program has been a fantastic opportunity to share lessons and experiences learned over my years working. Through in-person and remote mentoring sessions, I was able to understand what my mentee’s ambitions were and help them align their own experience with the steps and skills needed to move forward in the career path they chose.

“It was an unexpected joy of the program to spend so much time with my mentee, and through conversing with them I discovered that I had developed a new angle of thinking about my own career.”

Looking forward: “We are delighted to have been part of this initiative and look forward to continuing to work with UK Youth this year. We are so proud to play a small part in the valuable work that UK youth and organizations like Leap are doing that provide a safe space for young people to share and have their voices heard.

IPI is the UK’s leading digital contact center specialist, focused on creating intelligent and innovative contact center solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

IPI understands that technology is only part of the solution to solving business challenges within the contact center. Its experts know the complexities of people, technology, processes and customer demands and understand the realities of running a contact center, as well as the practicalities of realizing the full potential of advanced software.

By examining the challenges and business drivers of the contact center, today and in the future, IPI ensures its clients get the most out of their contact center technology by using it as an enabler to drive results. measurable and maximize the value of the investment. Fully focused on business results, IPI offers a comprehensive blend of contact center operational experience, combined with deep technology expertise. This enables its experts to align the most appropriate technology with its customers’ needs and ensure that people are equipped in the short and long term to deliver exceptional experiences.

Founded in 2001, IPI supports more than five million customer interactions and 65,000 agents every day. Based in Reading, UK, IPI also has offices in London and Manchester, as well as in the Philippines.

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UK Youth is a leading charity whose vision is that all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives.

With an open network of over 8000 youth organizations and national partners, we are focused on unlocking youth work as a catalyst for the change that is needed now more than ever.

For many young people, their youth worker is the only person they talk to openly, and their youth organization is the only safe space they have to be heard and explore their personality on their own terms.

For more information on Young Brits visit their website

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