JCC students explain why they chose the college route

WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Monday was a busy day at Jefferson Community College as students headed home for their first day of classes. We spoke with some students about their decision to go to college instead of joining the workforce.

Kevin Gibbs is a second-year business student.

“I want to learn a valuable skill set that will help me earn money,” he said.

First-year arts and humanities student Laina Wheeler says a college degree is a stepping stone to a music career.

“I look forward to making music or playing music on stage, and I have a very harsh view of that,” she said.

Keirsten Chiodi says that even though it’s only her first day of college, she’s already looking forward to graduating and becoming a zookeeper.

“I knew I wanted to work with animals, but I knew I couldn’t be a veterinarian because I saw animals in pain. Then I got the chance to work at Watertown Zoo and it actually worked in my favor and I thought I wanted to be a keeper,” she said.

JCC’s fall semester begins with nearly 1,800 students enrolled.

That’s down from more than 2,400 students enrolled at the end of last school year.

JCC officials say enrollment may continue to increase as the college enters its first few weeks.

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