Kelowna business owner targets RCMP after repeated restaurant break-ins – Summerland Review

A Kelowna business owner is frustrated with the RCMP’s response after his restaurant was robbed twice in four days.

According to Bryce Battye, owner of FSH on St. Paul Street, the first burglary took place on March 4, after a suspect picked the lock on his front door and allegedly stole two boxes of food.

“The alarm went off and scared him, we have everything on video,” said “I called the RCMP right away and told them there was an active break-in going on. They are arrived at the scene but the guy was gone.

RCMP responded to Battye’s call approximately 15 minutes after he did so.

“They told me there was no trace of the guy who was there and they left. That was the extent of that interaction, there was no follow up, they did nothing,” he said.

Battye felt confused and wondered what to do after witnessing the break-in on his security camera. He couldn’t understand why the police would say there was no trace of a suspect.

Then, on March 6, what appeared to be the same suspect returned to FSH and attempted to break in again.

“He broke in through my sliding glass door and stole about $250 worth of booze and left his screwdriver in my bar,” an exasperated Battye said.

He called the police again and an officer arrived who said he would take the screwdriver as evidence, but according to the Kelowna business owner, a second officer did not think the screwdriver was important and started playing with it.

“I told the police it was the same suspect as last Friday and this guy has been trying to break into my business every night since,” he said.

Battye said he knew of a second business on Lawrence Street which was also burglarized on Sunday evening and the same suspect who broke into FSH is believed to be responsible.

“I would like this guy to get caught. I want the police to take patrols and investigate these burglaries. This guy is clearly around and the police don’t care. I want something to be done so that d ‘other business owners don’t have to go through the same thing I did,’ he said.

Battye said he felt he had to speak up because he felt he was not taken seriously by the RCMP and other downtown businesses were at risk.

RCMP have been reached for comment.

Suspected of breaking into the FSH. (Bryce Battye)

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