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BINGHAMTON, NY – Entrepreneurs interested in getting into New York’s new recreational marijuana industry can get advice online in the coming weeks.

The Koffman Southern Tier Incubator is hosting a four-week virtual program combining marijuana industry experts and business mentors.

The Opportunity Grows cannabis acceleration program will focus on the recreational marijuana market that New York is in the process of legalizing.

Binghamton University’s director of business incubation programs, Eric Krohn, explains that unlike hemp, much recreational marijuana should be grown indoors, year-round using light bulbs. cultivation and requiring large amounts of energy.

Krohn says the Grand Binghamton is well suited for the production and processing of marijuana.

“We have the freeways that connect us from New York to the rest of the state. We have an economy built on the backs of farmers. So we have this skilled workforce. And then we have some of the most amazing clean energy programs, products and companies in New York State that I think when you combine them all together gives Binghamton a real edge in the cannabis market in the world. New York State, ”he said.

Krohn expects the industry not to be completely dominated by large multinational corporations and that small and medium producers and retailers will play an important role.

The program will teach participants how to create a business outline, which is an alternative to a business plan.

It examines whether there is a customer desire for the product, whether it is possible to make money from it, and whether the necessary resources and relationships can be secured.

The virtual program takes place over four consecutive Tuesdays from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. starting next Tuesday.

It’s free and open to all New York residents.

To register, go to http://SouthernTierIncubator.com/OGAccelerator.

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