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When life gets you down, it’s easy to fall into a deadly spiral of negativity. The hardest choice? Understand how adversity makes you stronger and pick yourself up for another round. Twila True was born into the Lakota tribe, in the poorest county in the United States. From an early age, she knew she wanted to find her own path and not rely on another person for her financial stability. Today she will share how she broke out of the cycle of poverty and became the owner of several successful businesses. Entrepreneur and Success magazines gave her top honors in 2022, and now she’ll walk through the milestones she’s achieved.

Target date funds are back in the news. In our main segment, we talk about another lawsuit regarding excessive fees in investment accounts. We tell you what happened, what you can do to protect your accounts from excessive fees, and why we don’t like target date funds. We will also be launching the Haven Life line to Nick who has a question about wash sales. And Doug will share his stories.


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Many thanks to Twila True for joining us! Learn more about True family businesses and follow her on instagram.

Doug’s Quiz

  • What was the most popular Beatles song according to radio listens?

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  • Nick has a question about wash sales. If he sells a position and it triggers a wash sale, is the whole position affected or only the part he sells?

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Written by: Brooke Miller

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