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MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) – A Macomb County pizza entrepreneur was sentenced to more than two years in prison Tuesday for committing fraud while seeking more than $ 900,000 in government guaranteed loans during the coronavirus.

Mike Bischoff received about $ 594,000 from lenders, according to the government. He was accused of giving false information about his payroll and the number of employees and of making other false statements.

“A defendant willing to take advantage of a program designed and intended to help keep our economy afloat during a pandemic more than deserves serious punishment,” prosecutors said in a court filing.

Bischoff, the co-founder of Passport Pizza in Macomb County, was sentenced to 32 months in prison; the government had recommended 41 months.

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Defense lawyer James Thomas admitted that Bischoff had “cheated” during a stressful time for his business and in his personal life. He said the money was refunded.

“His ability to re-attract investors or potential partners will also be hampered by his felony conviction, his shame and the publicity surrounding this case,” Thomas said, pleading for a short sentence.

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