Mark Hunt rips ‘ruthless businessman’ Dana White over treatment of fighter

Former UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt isn’t holding back his thoughts on UFC President Dana White and how he’s handling the promotion’s roster.

Hunt expressed his stance on the UFC after a tumultuous end to his tenure with the promotion. Following a loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, he filed a lawsuit against the promotion after Lesnar tested positive for PEDs in a pre-fight drug test.

White has come under fire in recent weeks for his treatment of Francis Ngannou, in particular. For Hunt, it’s no surprise to see White at odds with the direction of one of the sport’s biggest stars.

During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Hunt explained why he doesn’t understand why fans look up to White and his business model.

Mark Hunt continues his public criticism of UFC President Dana White

“I don’t know why people think Dana is a good person,” Hunt said. “He’s just a ruthless businessman and he doesn’t care about any of these people. The truth is, if you can’t fight or bring an audience, you’re not even, you shouldn’t being part of the other thing. It just makes me laugh how people can thumb their noses at him all the time thinking they’re going to get one step ahead of him…Even trying to get a contract in this company, it’s just disappointing that you don’t want to get one there to be honest.” (h/t SportsKeeda)

Hunt isn’t the only former UFC fighter to criticize White and the UFC. Former champion and MMA legend Randy Couture’s once cordial relationship with White has broken down entirely in recent years after Couture criticized him.

Hunt still has lawsuits filed against the UFC and we should hear more about the legal action later this year. As of now, Hunt isn’t pulling any punches despite retiring from MMA.

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