Matt Stell Brings New Gear to Coralville Xtream Arena

Matt Stell came to Nashville in 2014 to become a songwriter and create hits for country stars. And of course, in 2019 he co-wrote a chart-topping single.

Matt Stell, originally from Arkansas, came to Nashville in 2014 to write songs for other artists. Now other songwriters present their works to him. He’s on the road and will open for Toby Keith on October 14, 2021 at Xtream Arena in Coralville. (Downtown movement)

What he didn’t expect was that the No. 1 debut hit, “Prayed For You,” would be a song he recorded and released himself.

“I moved to town thinking I would write songs for great artists to burn, and then I would make my little records on my own and kind of follow my (inspirations),” Stell said at one. telephone interview. “Well my path changed when I released an EP and had a song on it that (became # 1).”

“Prayed For You” debuted on the 2019 EP, “Everywhere But On”. Then the title track from that same EP, also co-written by Stell, followed suit and topped the country charts.

Now Stell finds out that the roles have revolved around his original ambitions and that he is being offered songs by some of Nashville’s top songwriters. It’s great with him.

Matt stell

What: Overture for Toby Keith

Or: Xtream Arena, 200 E. Ninth St., Coralville

When: 7:14 p.m. Oct. 2021

Tickets: $ 25 to $ 249 VIP,

Artist’s website:

“Once I got two number one, I started having a lot of really amazing songs by amazing songwriters,” Stell said. “And I will always operate that way. The best song wins. Some days my name is on this song and I’m proud of those days.

“There are so many incredibly talented people in this city, that I would be crazy, doing myself and country music a disservice by not really listening and being open to outside songs,” a- he declared. “That’s what happened with ‘That Ain’t Me No More’. “

“That Ain’t Me No More” is Stell’s current single, and so far it’s an independent track. “Prayed For You” and “Everywhere But On” were included in his two EPs – “Everywhere But On” from 2019 and “Better Than That” from 2020. Now the three singles are featured on a full debut album that Stell has worked during the pandemic.

He thinks it’s important to have his hit singles available on the full album, which may also include a few other songs from both EPs as well as new material, making it a summary of his work as solo artist so far.

“It’s important to have all of this music in one place for people, because that way it’s easier to find,” he said. “We paired the singles with other stuff that I’m really passionate about and really proud of. This is what the record will look like for me.

“Pray For You” changed a career path that until then had seen gradual but steady progress. A varsity basketball player at Drury University, the 6-foot-7-inch Arkansas native started writing songs around this time and eventually began performing in the South.

“I hit the road in a pickup truck and a trailer and drove millions of miles and ended up writing songs around the world of Texas that had some success there,” Stell said, who released three independent albums during this period.

“Come to think of it, I loved every minute and loved all the long hours spent driving somehow, taking everything apart and settling down with the bar and loading and driving as far as possible and sleeping. in the van or find a Motel 5 or something, which was probably a Motel 6 most of the time, ”he said.

“Doing it all, man, loved every minute of it.”

“Pray For You,” which eventually went platinum and became a favorite wedding song, made Stell a specialist in love songs. “Everywhere But On” and “That Ain’t Me No More” are two breakup songs, which only served to reinforce the idea that Stell’s strong point is romance, although Stell himself thinks it is. ‘he can write on a much wider range of subjects.

A few songs from the EP “Better Than That” went beyond romance. “Chase It Down” is all about escaping the confines of small town life to pursue bigger dreams. On “If I Was A Bar”, Stell reflects on how her personality would reflect in her ideal waterer.

He could debut some of the new songs on tour. He will open for Toby Keith on October 14 at Xtream Arena in Coralville. Stell is adhering to COVID protocols on the road and hopes these will become a thing of the past as tours continue through the fall.

Still, touring at all levels is welcome, he said.

“We have new songs and new types of parts of the show. Again, another thing that’s really welcome is going back to band rehearsals and finding ways to play those songs in. direct because they are a bit of a different (living) animal.

“You want to stack it back to back and keep the energy in and you want to get all the energy you can out of every song,” he said. “We enjoyed this process.

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