Midheaven In Cancer: How It Affects Your Life And Career Path

A Midheaven in Cancer in your birth chart signifies that your professional and career goals and your life path take on the traits of Cancer.

In astrology, your Midheaven sign, also known as MC (short for Medium Coeli), is your public persona. Placed at the highest point of your birth chart, just at the dawn of the 10th house and depending on your time and place of birth, this is one of the most personal aspects of your birth chart.

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Midheaven in Cancer Traits

A Cancer MC means that the way others see you is heavily influenced by the Cancer zodiac sign. Those with a Cancer in Midheaven are natural nurturers who tend to put their loved ones first.

1. Emotional

A Cancer MC is completely driven by emotions. Cancer is ruled by the moon, the planet that rules the emotions. The Cancer zodiac sign is also associated with the 4th house, the house of home and family. Finally, Cancer is an intuitive water sign. People with a Midheaven in Cancer are very sensitive and others perceive them as empathetic and compassionate.

2. Visionary

People with Midheaven in Cancer are great leaders. Cancer is a cardinal sign, possessing a unique ability to influence others. They are not afraid of change and their intuitiveness gives them the ability to lead the pack when it comes to making positive changes.

3. Pleasant

People with Midheaven in Cancer are very flexible when it comes to change and are quick to go with the flow if it makes others happy. This makes them very easygoing and they are considered very supportive.

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4. Intuitive

People with MC cancer come across almost as psychic. They are great at not only picking up on someone’s vibes, but also using that information to get things done physically.

5. Protector

People with Midheaven Cancer protect those they love at all costs. They are ready to fight for the people they know and love.

6. Private

Much like the crab that the Cancer zodiac symbol represents, people with a Cancer MC tend to have a hard outer shell despite their soft and emotional inner core. While you may find yourself telling your life story to a Cancer MC when they first meet, you’ll leave the conversation realizing they never shared anything personal. If you are not a loved one of a Cancer MC or someone they are responsible for helping to care for, you may not notice how deep their emotions run.

7. Moody

Cancer’s status as a water sign means that people with a Midheaven Cancer tend to become moody. They are empathetic and can pick up and reflect the vibrations around them.

8. Control

The protection of a Cancer MC can sometimes lead to controlling the territory. People with a Cancer Midheaven put their relationships above everything else, which can sometimes feel way too possessive. People may also find their constant need to be practical too clingy.

9. People-pleasing

The pleasantness of Cancer MC can sometimes turn into pleasure for people, which can make them irritated.

Cancer Midheaven Careers

Being so driven by your emotions, the best career for a Cancer MC is one that is emotionally fulfilling. You’ll find Cancer MCs in careers that have the potential to change lives and allow them to take the lead.

A Cancer MC’s family will always come first, so it’s important that they avoid careers that take them away from home for too long.

People with Midheaven in Cancer are great:

1. Teachers

2. Nurses

3. Social workers

4. Nannies

5. Heads

6. Stay-at-home parents

7. Therapists

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