Mumbai: Kidnapped businessman robbed by lover for not paying Rs 5 lakh | Bombay News

Police arrested Sanjana Rathod (22) and the two bouncers on Thursday (Representative image)

MUMBAI: A woman, with whom a businessman had an illicit relationship, has been arrested for allegedly abducting him from her office in Zion with the help of two bouncers after the businessman failed to paid the wife Rs 5 lakh which she allegedly demanded.
Police arrested Sanjana Rathod (22) and the two bouncers – Ajay Jadhav (27) and Foreman Saini (23) – on Thursday under IPC charges of kidnapping, forcible confinement and extortion. The three men were taken into custody, Dharavi Police Station Senior Inspector Vijay Khandalgoankar said.
The businessman, S Gaikwad of Dombivli, who manufactures labels, filed a complaint for having met the woman, Sanjana Rathod (22).
Gaikwad had a physical relationship with the woman. “Gaikwad told the police that he used to pay her regularly, but Sanjana demanded more money and recently asked him to pay Rs 5 lakh, after which he cut all ties with her. She started calling her from various mobile numbers and threatened to come and meet her,” a police officer said.
On July 18, while Gaikwad was at his desk, Sanjana, accompanied by two bouncers, arrived at Gaikwad’s factory in Sion, and the two bouncers began beating him.
The two bouncers, allegedly at Sanjana’s request, stripped him naked and later put him in a car and took him to a flat in Thane where they locked him up, beat him and demanded that he pays the money.
Gaikwad said the next day they took him to an ATM in a taxi where they transferred 60,000 rupees to him and then took me to his house in Dombivli. He then went to his house while Sanjana and the two bouncers waited for him downstairs.
Gaikwad also told the police that he brought gold jewelery worth Rs 2 lakh from the house safe while his wife was not at home and handed them over to Sanjana and had promised to pay the balance in two days, after which the three alleged kidnappers left. .
Gaikwad then recorded an FIR. “Based on the complaint and technical assistance, we have located the accused, Sanjana Rathod and the two bouncers,” Khandalgaonkar said.


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