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INWOOD – Musselman High School counselor Christopher Showe has always had a heart to help others, knowing his career path would follow that passion in one way or another.

He first entered college as a youth ministry major, only to realize that his vocation was school counseling.

“I always knew I wanted to be in an area where I could help people,” Showe said. “Growing up, I had people in my life who supported me in many ways. (It) started mostly in a group of young people, that I had youth leaders who were influential in my life and other adults who meant a lot to me and helped me through my teenage years and everything. that goes with. I went to college as a youth ministry major before changing major and decided that I wanted to pursue counseling as a graduate program. I think I realized in college that I wanted to work more individually with students and young people, so school counseling seemed like a good option.

Showe’s passion is clear to everyone around him, as he was honored at the Berkeley County Board of Education meeting on Monday night for being named West Virginia Councilor of the Year.

“I was very surprised,” he said. “I obviously knew I had been nominated, but it was a great honor to receive. It really caught me off guard. “

Showe was nominated by two separated parents last year and this year a first for Christi Heaton, Deputy Director and Academic Coordinator. Showe says being recognized by those he helps directly is the greatest honor.

“As an incoming advisor, I think trying to impact students and their families, and having a positive influence in their lives is the most important aspect of what I do,” said he declared. “Getting this recognition is, honestly, for me the highest praise I think I can get. I want to be recognized by my colleagues and my supervisors for the good job and the role they hope to fill, but I am really there as an advisor to support the students and their families. Being nominated by two parents over the two years for helping them and their families is great feedback for me to know that I am on the right track.

Showe shared his support and care with fellow counselors and those in education across the country as the past two years have been unprecedented in education and life in general.

“It’s definitely a tough time for everyone,” he said. “I think in schools, but also in society, we have recognized over the last few years how important mental well-being is, and I think everyone in education plays a role in that, because they interact with young people. Counselors are sort of the front lines for this in schools and role models for other educators.

“I think it’s important that we are there to support students and that policy makers and school administrators are able to recognize the importance of counseling and other services provided to the health and mental health of students. It is happening across the country in so many ways which is really beneficial. “

Showe thanked Musselman’s other advisers, the department registrar and secretary, and the school nurses for their immense support, with the employees all sharing office space.

“We have a great environment, a great working relationship for all of us,” Showe said. “The effectiveness of one of us also depends on the quality of our group work. I wouldn’t be as successful as I am without their help.

He also thanked his wife and young son, Berkeley County Schools and Heaton for their support.

“Just grateful to have such a strong support network,” Showe said.

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