Mystery businessman offers £50,000 for information about Chris Packham arson

Mr Packham told BBC Crimewatch he feared the attack was designed to intimidate him into campaigning against blood sports.

The day after the attack, he presented a 100,000-signature petition to Buckingham Palace calling on the royal family to conserve nature on their estates and reintroduce wildlife such as beavers and wild boar.

Mr Packham has previously been targeted with dead animals including badgers, crows and foxes left in the same spot, and he also claims to have received credible death threats and droppings in the mail.

In an interview with the BBC after the attack, he defiantly said: “If you think that by burning down these doors I’m suddenly going to become a supporter, then you’re wrong. I will continue because I have no choice. I can’t and I won’t let your bullying take me away from my cause.

CCTV installed at Packham’s home captured the entire incident, but Hampshire Police were unable to establish exactly who was wearing the balaclava and for whom it worked.

Not a hunting, shooting or fishing enthusiast

The mysterious benefactor, who claims not to be a keen hunter, shooter or fisher, has appealed on a website to a number of potential parties, who he says could help.

These include professional car thieves, dockworkers, scrap metal workers or individuals in South Africa who may have handled the other vehicles used in the incident.

Any information that can be passed to the mystery businessman via the Country Squire blog will be passed on to Hampshire Police who investigated the attack.

Ironically, the Country Squire site writers are currently involved in a separate libel action with Mr Packham, but stressed the award had nothing to do with a fundraising appeal for their legal case.

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