New Assistant Supt. Special Services, Susie Budine, speaks to the SOMSD community

From the Deputy Superintendent of Special Services of SOMSD:

Dear parents, guardians and adult students,

I would like to take this opportunity to officially introduce myself as the new Assistant Superintendent of Special Services for the South Orange Maplewood School District (SOMSD). I am very happy to join this district and to work with you over the next few years to provide the services and support necessary to help our students succeed in their educational careers.

I come to the District with 29 years of education experience as a teacher and special education administrator. In my previous role, I served as Director of Educational Services for the Highland Park School District for six years. My career path has taken me to many different environments, both public and private, as well as district and non-district internships. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of student populations and provide creative, out-of-the-box support along the way. I also enjoyed working in collaboration with parents as partners in their child’s educational journey.

Assistant SOMSD Supt. of Special Services Susie Budine

As I take up my position and become acclimatized to our district, I look forward to continuing and building on the good work of the department and Dr. [Melody] Alegria has been doing over the past year. My goal is also to identify and address critical areas of improvement to strengthen and develop our department on behalf of our students.

I firmly believe in the partnership that we can build between the District and our families and I am honored to have this opportunity to work with you. Thank you and I look forward to connecting and supporting each other in the years to come.

Best wishes,

Susie Budine
Assistant Superintendent of Special Services
South Orange Maplewood School District

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