NFL linebacker tackles entrepreneurship off the field with ‘Life 101’

The lowest income professional athletes run the risk of not having a sufficient source of income after their playing days are over.

Still, Brandon Copeland, an NFL linebacker once supported his off-court career by teaching college classes while still an active player. Copeland also runs several businesses as an entrepreneur.

The free agent, who has played in the league for more than nine seasons, spoke with Meeting room to discuss his desire to do entrepreneurship work for him. He shared that he was proud of a financial literacy course he teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to all this, the football player is an investor working with the Mid-Atlantic Alliance real estate development company in New Jersey. Copeland showed that he is practical when dealing with the complexity of properties when he took Meeting room writer, Randall Williams, during a site visit. The linebacker takes on the real estate market with three other entrepreneurs on the Netflix show, buy my house.

Copeland also co-hosts Money Music Culture, on SiriusXM radio. He said Meeting room the podcast gives him the opportunity to talk about all his business activities.

“Some of our favorite artists could break financial gems while we dance around the club,” Copeland told Williams.

He also talked about his love for educating others.

  • “Years ago I brought a crazy idea to the University of Pennsylvania and said, ‘Hey, why don’t we have this class where we teach kids about the financial decisions they’re going to make? really take in their lives,” Copeland said. Based on this insight, he teaches, EDUC 245, Urban Financial Literacy: Pedagogy and Practice.

Copeland calls the class “Life 101”.

You don’t have to attend the University of Pennsylvania to be educated. You can access Copeland’s teachings, as well as video and audio clips that can help you on your educational and entrepreneurial journey through his website, Life 101.

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