Now is the time to invest in Hengqin – Entrepreneur

With the Guangdong-Macau Deep Cooperation Zone (GMICZ) development plan for Henqgin underway, the local business community is expected to seize the momentum and invest in the neighboring island, said Macau entrepreneur David Cheang, during a breakfast held today. (Wednesday) by the France Macao Chamber of Commerce (FMCC).

The topic “Hengqin: Seizing the Opportunity. Now or later?” attracted dozens of members of the city’s business and professional communities.

Mr. Cheang sees a bright future for business development in Hengqin. He noted that GMICZ can complement the scarcity of land, human resources in Macau and the SAR economy being heavily dependent on the gambling industry.

The GMICZ Master Plan sets Macau’s adequate economic diversification as a primary goal to be achieved by 2035. Four main areas have been identified as key drivers of the new economic model: scientific and technological research and development and high-tech manufacturing. level ; traditional Chinese medicine and other iconic Macao businesses; culture and tourism, congresses and exhibitions and commerce; and modern finance.

The authorities have already introduced a set of preferential measures for Macau investors and are planning new incentives for Macau residents and businesses. While some take a wait-and-see approach, others aim to gain “first mover advantage”. For David Cheang, the sooner the better. “I think now, since the plan has already been announced and the area has already been established, the situation has changed. This is definitely the right time to enter Hengqin. This is the right time to put our footsteps there,” Mr Cheang told the Macau News Agency.

The businessman, founder of AHA and director of the AHA HK & Macau Youth Incubation Center, also notes that each company will consider opportunity cost assessment and development strategies based on its capital and of its resources.

AHA – Arts Happiness Adventure – was among the first group of enterprises recommended by the Macao SAR government to enter the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Industrial Zone Program

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