Portland business owner’s son shoots burglary suspect, calls on city to get tough on crime | Local News

PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) – A northeast Portland business owner joins a long list of business owners who are sick of crime in the city and demanding change.

Lonnie Thompson owns Carolina Kustoms on Northeast Columbia Boulevard. Shortly after midnight on Friday, he said three people tried to break into his store, but his son stopped them by shooting them in the leg.

“I got a call from my son saying someone was trying to break into the store,” Thompson said. “I got in my truck, drove down this direction and got the call two minutes before he pulled one.”

Thompson said six other people climbed over his fence to steal items from his property this month.

“It’s a constant problem,” Thompson said. “On Saturday we were hit and they cut the fence. A few days before that the fence was breached again.”

For five years, Thompson ran his auto restoration shop at its current location on Northeast Columbia Boulevard. But for the past three years, he said crime has gotten out of control.

“We pay tax for an alarm permit. I could set off the alarm right now and it’ll take them 30 minutes to get out of here,” Thompson said.

Portland police have arrived on the scene and are investigating the shooting. The suspect who was shot was taken to hospital for treatment for his injuries. For Thompson, a longtime Portlander, he said he just wanted his city to turn around. He said it starts with holding those in power accountable.

“If I didn’t do a good enough job for my clients, I wouldn’t have a job,” Thompson said. “In my opinion, why are we keeping these people in power when they don’t want to do a job to help the public.”

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