Postman News and The Chaupal organized the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2021

New Delhi [India], Oct 23 (ANI / ATK): They aimed to applaud up-and-coming young entrepreneurs in various segments such as education, politics, food, social work, etc. It was about appreciating their zeal and enthusiasm to bring significant value and significant change to their respective industries.

Here is the list of ten outstanding recognitions of 2021 which were awarded as the best digital entrepreneur in various categories: AgriTech: Santosh Srivastava, founder of Chanakya Entertainment, received the award for his outstanding contribution in the respective field.

Education: Raman Bhatia, the founder of The College Time, has been honored for presenting education as a necessity that should not be overlooked.

Politics: Rudra Ravi Sharma, Founder of Web Tale Media, for her sympathy and worked for the uplifting of the company.

Social activist: Sunil Nagar, a well-known social activist and entrepreneur, received the award for his courageous contribution to reuniting missing persons with their respective family members.

Emerging Digital Media Entrepreneur: Yuvraj Singh Solanki, working with various renowned media houses, has gone viral, sensational and hot topics in their respective industries.

Food Content Creator: Prabal Srivastava, Founder of Moms Kitchen, has been honored for changing people’s outlook on food and nutrition.

Commerce / Finance: Ankit Pandey, Founder of Adjagat, for his long term investments in various sectors and for guiding various entrepreneurs in their startups to achieve their long term goals and growth.

Digital Reputation Consultant: Vikas Kumar Singh, has been a partner for various brands and celebrities, helps them reach digital limelight and engagements.

Artist / Poet: Aditya Kumar, the founder of Shayari ki Diary, has been awarded for his moving and fascinating creations using words in the digital space leading to millions of fans.

NewsMedia: Saurabh Pandey, working with various renowned news houses and playing a key role in providing fresh content and insight on various topics and news.

Postman News and The Chaupal through their awards wanted to appreciate the unfamiliar faces that make changes in the lives of various people through their work.

Postman News and The Chaupal say the “Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2021” would serve as a way to showcase the best talented and up-and-coming entrepreneurs in different industries.

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