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As part of American’s ongoing pilot recruiting efforts, the American Airlines Cadet Academy (AACA) team works hard to raise awareness of the pilot’s career in communities across the United States. In the past few months alone, the team has participated in numerous community events aimed at educating young people about the opportunity for a promising career in aviation.

One of those events was the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Young Eagle Reunion and Flight in Marlin, TX where the AACA team met local school-aged youth from communities underserved.

“Our goal is to increase accessibility to the pilot career path through training and mentoring opportunities like this one,” said Brad Morrison, Director of Pilot Recruitment and Development. “There is nothing more rewarding than meeting young people who have never boarded a plane before, let alone who believed that a career as a pilot was an option for them. “

Nearly 50 planes have landed at the small airport so that hundreds of aviation hopefuls – more than double the attendance from last year – can enjoy a fun day of pancakes, sun and discovery flights. . For many children, it was actually their very first experience in flight, which allowed them to create lasting memories and create new dreams for a future career in aviation.

“I am grateful that we can play a part in the journey of these children to hopefully become aviators,” said Morrison. “After this weekend, I’m sure the future of our industry and the next generation of riders will be incredibly bright.”

Even more recently, in Mesa, Arizona, the AACA team partnered with CAE Flight Academy, one of American’s flight school providers, to host an educational and hands-on session for groups. similar but slightly more advanced – aspiring pilots with no flying experience and current pilots who are not yet affiliated with airline programs.

“Strong involvement in the communities we serve plays a central role in our long-term success as an airline and facilitates growth and diversification within the pilot profession,” said Captain Cory Glenn, Director of the recruiting pilots at American. “Our pilots are passionate and intelligent leaders. Everyone can emotionally replay their journey – imagining what it would be like to be a pilot, having the opportunity to visualize and realize that possibility, then focusing that vision on becoming a member of the American Airlines team. If we can be that moment for just a few children and young pilots, we are making a difference. “

American’s three wholly-owned regional carriers – Envoy, Piedmont and PSA – attended the CAE event. Participants had the chance to tour CAE’s flight school facilities, tour airplanes, take simulator tours, and meet current American Airlines cadets and instructors. For those who had already applied, the team was also able to expedite their applications to the AACA and conduct on-site interviews.

“Our goal is to measurably increase and diversify the pilot population and remove the mystery and barriers to successfully qualifying for this profession,” added Captain Glenn. “We do it better than anyone. And we’re just getting started with the growth and positive changes to come. “

American’s Pilot Recruitment team provides hands-on experience for young, aspiring pilots in the local community.

The Marlin, TX Air Event college students took to the skies for the very first time.

The Marlin, TX Air Event college students took to the skies for the very first time.

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