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– Raleigh resident Sunny Miller spent years working in the often chaotic television news industry, but always dreamed of a calmer work environment.

Miller opened Adara Spa in 2005 and told WRAL News his business on Peace Street wouldn’t be what it is without receiving the Building Up-Fit grant from the city of Raleigh.

The Building-Up Fit Grant is a matching repayment grant through the Raleigh Small Business Development Department. The city selects recipients based on a number of criteria. Recipients then receive up to half of the total cost of a renovation project, not exceeding more than $15,000 to $25,000, once the project is completed.

Miller used his grant to install new flooring, new windows and an HVAC system in 2018 and encourages all small business owners to apply as well.

“You have a lot more to gain than you lose, and that’s what I tell people,” she said. ” Why not do it ? »

Mark Weldon is the head of the small business development department and tells WRAL News that the grant is specifically for small businesses.

“Fifty employees or less,” Weldon said.

Applicants must demonstrate that they will use the money to improve key aspects of their current or future space, which would improve the appearance and property value of the space.

“If you just wanted to paint the walls differently, that wouldn’t fit,” Weldon said.

Although he was hit hard by the pandemic and the 2020 downtown riots, Weldon told WRAL News that the city gained more business than it lost and the numbers in the l State confirmed it. According to the secretary of state, 47,000 new businesses opened in North Carolina during the first part of 2022, compared to 26,000 businesses during the same period in 2019.

“A lot of that was out of necessity, as people who may have worked in the service or hospitality industry were hit hard,” Weldon said. “So they just became their own entrepreneurs and as a result we had this blossoming of all these new businesses.”

The application window for the Building Up-Fit grant closes on April 24. Weldon encourages all business owners to review and apply.

“You will never meet a business owner who is not an optimist,” he said. “It’s a very exciting time.”

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