Ravi Narayan Singh, a young entrepreneur is transforming the stay experience of business and leisure travelers

Ravi Narayan Singh is a leading hotelier in Patna with vast experience in this field. Currently working on his dreams – He wants people to get affordable, trusted accommodation that customers can instantly book for a short or long stay.

During his short 5-year career, he worked as a business development and operations manager in his own company to get to know the business in depth.

Even though he is from Pandooi Estate of Bihar, a royal family born with a silver spoon, yet this entrepreneur is so humble and eager to learn the core of hospitality in depth. Like a winding river that follows its own course, Ravi Narayan’s journey began miles away from the entrepreneur. Being a hotelier from an early age and politicians in the household, he felt disconnected from customer and hotelier or demand and supply as he tied his hotel to one of the major aggregators. So he started ARD Rooms 24 & www.checkinandcheckout.com

Later, he was confronted with an unpleasant reality. That the aggregator did not even fulfill the promises it had made to the hotelier as well as to the customers. He knew he had trouble at hand. In a bid to take action against this, he took a healthy approach to becoming a hotel entrepreneur. This was the initial driving factor towards entrepreneurship.

As a BITTS Pilani engineering graduate, there was a burning desire in him to help people get truly affordable and comfortable housing.

Ravi Narayan Singh works hard to share this ray of hope in the hospitality industry with the countless people who lose their hard-earned money to get better accommodation at a reasonable price. He is a firm believer in the mantra “Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t give up”.

His future plan is to create affordable housing with transparency on both sides.

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