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Billings Councilman Tom Rupsis meets potential Rock31 members.

Photo courtesy of Big Sky Economic Development

Entrepreneurship – the eternal heartbeat and perpetual force that fuels the American Dream – has been the spark that ignited growth and innovation in communities across the United States. Rock31, a collaborative entrepreneur and business start-up space run by Big Sky Economic Development, brings the entrepreneurial spirit to downtown Billings.

“The Rock31 space is perfectly positioned in the heart of downtown Billings. It’s a great place for start-ups to share ideas with each other and connect personally with potential customers and investors,” said Andrew Rahn, owner and founder of Montana Land Source and early Rock31 user. Read on to learn more about the Rock31 vision and the future of innovation and economic prosperity in Billings.

Turning visions into reality at Rock31

One of the hardest parts of turning an idea into a profitable business is getting the idea off the ground. For many start-ups and innovators, trying to build a successful business from scratch with limited resources and minimal investment potential can be a daunting task. Big Sky Economic Development and early adopters of Rock31 had this problem in mind when they facilitated the creation of the entrepreneurial workspace.

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“Being in the business of technology and property assessment, I understand firsthand how valuable it is to be around other like-minded people who ‘get it’ when it comes to the vision of their company,” Rahn said. “Rock31 gives business owners a central place to access resources that most startups typically wouldn’t have access to.”

With access to coworking space with other local startups, on-site business growth and development training, business advice and mentoring, and a state-of-the-art media room, Rock31 is an essential added value for any business. .

Building a thriving community and a better future

The complex dynamics of Rock31 is more than just a workspace for business owners. The focus of this initiative is centered on bringing innovative, forward-thinking new businesses to Billings and creating a space where local thought leaders can come together.

“Rock31’s intangible assets are the most important. The space creates a culture of collaboration and sharing of ideas between people who have similar ambitions,” said Rahn. Big Sky Economic Development and early adopters all believe that the best way to foster a vibrant and bustling economic opportunity profile in Billings is to bring these like-minded minds together and give visionaries the opportunity to grow.

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Contractors visiting the building.

Photo courtesy of Big Sky Economic Development

“I’m sure we’ll hear stories of business partners meeting for the first time in this space and business startups joining forces with investors who probably never would have met without Rock31’s existence,” Rahn said. .

By having a prime location at the epicenter of downtown Billings with street-level offices and prime proximity to potential clients and investors, Rock31 has set up its adopters and the Billings community for success. and a confident look to the future.

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