Salt Lake Hospitality Jobs Offer Meaningful Career Paths

With nearly 1,000 hospitality career openings in Utah, the Covid pandemic has left drastic and lasting impacts on the hospitality industry. Now that Utah’s economy has long been “reopened,” we are seeing a resurgence in consumer spending on food and beverage services, experiences, and travel, in many cases returning to pre-Secondary levels. pandemic. Yet Salt Lake’s full recovery is hampered by a labor shortage in the hospitality industry.

Industry leaders work diligently to make it known that a career in hospitality is rewarding, enabling endless career options, travel discounts and benefits, worldwide job mobility and flexible hours . Job seekers may not realize they can start with no experience, giving them endless opportunities to learn new skills while providing valuable focus.

The travel and tourism economy is a vital economic engine for the state, representing the 8th largest industry and providing $1,238 in tax relief to every household in Salt Lake County each year. Utah’s tourism economy generates $10.1 billion annually, and Salt Lake County’s tourism economy accounts for 46% of the state’s total.

Many who started their careers in the hospitality industry never imagined that their frontline “job” would become more than a paycheck. With the right attitude and a willingness to learn, anyone can develop skills in the hospitality industry that are transferable and essential for success in any industry.

Working in the hospitality industry offers employees flexibility and unlimited opportunities for career mobility. Dave Fields started working at Snowbird in 2000 as Assistant Director of Public Relations. Throughout his career at Snowbird, Fields held positions in public relations, marketing and operations before being promoted to president and chief executive officer in 2018.

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“For someone who grew up skiing in Little Cottonwood Canyon, having the opportunity to become Snowbird’s General Manager is the honor of a lifetime,” Fields said. “Working in the ski industry has given me the opportunity to work with amazing people in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

Snow sports jobs provide employees with seasonal flexibility and career mobility opportunities. It offers individuals the opportunity to travel the world if they crave snow all year round. It also offers cross-cultural experiences since the snow industry relies on international workers from Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and South America.

Travis Lindquist, General Manager of TownePlace Suites in Salt Lake City Downtown, began his career in the hospitality industry at a 66-room property in 2008. For ten years, Lindquist worked hard to rise through the ranks, advance his career, to become the general manager of his current property.

“I find working in the hospitality industry to be personally rewarding,” Lindquist said. “I love sharing my love of hospitality and Salt Lake City with my guests and associates. Some of the best people work in this incredible industry. Our community of hospitality professionals supports and accompanies the career growth of so many people. ”

Hospitality career paths are not always linear. In Zions Bank’s “Speaking on Business,” Lavanya Mahate, owner of Saffron Valley Indian Restaurants, spoke with Visit Salt Lake Board Member Chris Redgrave. Prior to starting Saffron Valley in 2011, Mahate began working as an intern at the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce before working in various roles and ending as Director of the Women’s Business Center.

After launching her own line of spice blends at Downtown Farmers Market, she took the plunge and opened Saffron Valley in 2011. She now has five locations in Salt Lake. “My business stems from my passion for serving people through food,” Mahate said. “Growing up in India, my fondest memories are of food and being in the kitchen learning how to make sweets and spice mixes. I have great memories around food and my family and the way we show love for people is through food, and it continues to guide and grow the hospitality community, receiving rewards for its efforts.

In direct response to requests from the hospitality industry and recognizing that a skilled workforce is essential to a healthy tourism economy, Visit Salt Lake has launched an online job portal Salt Lake Career Connection to connect hospitality employers with potential new employees.

Salt Lake Career Connection is an information gathering tool intended to provide continuing education opportunities and provide advice on career opportunities in the hospitality space. Designed to educate a new generation of job seekers that a career in hospitality can be a gateway to the world, the portal is a one-stop-shop for career opportunities in the resilient travel sector. and Utah Tourism.

It’s an exciting time for the industry as it rethinks and reinvents itself with flexible options for staffing, operations, salaries and service delivery. “The hospitality industry offers people incredible career opportunities and incredible perks,” commented Nichole Farley, Director of Community and Economic Opportunities, Visit Salt Lake. “A career in hospitality can be a springboard for so many things – a platform to meet people, a way to travel, a path to a rewarding and successful career, and we’re here to help people realize their potential.”

Utah’s hospitality community is working together to rebuild its meaningful contribution to Utah’s vibrant economy. By offering meaningful career paths, the connection between employers and potential employees is strengthened and the industry is set for a comeback.

Thanks to a new platform developed by Visit Salt Lake, it is even easier for those interested to find jobs in the hospitality industry in Salt Lake.
Image appears courtesy of Visit Salt Lake

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