Smiths Falls, Ont. Businessman Gets World’s Attention For TikTok Videos

SMITHS FALLS, ONT. – In Smiths Falls, Ont. The businessman has recently gained worldwide attention, thanks to the popular social media app TikTok.

What started out as a bit of fun has now grown into a viral sensation.

“We wanted something original that showed our personality, so we tried a few things and then started using TikTok,” said Corey McMullan of McMullan Appliances and Matttresses.

“We were uploading them to our other platforms but they weren’t getting a lot of feedback,” McMullan said. “We finally saw the reaction on TikTok start to skyrocket and our phones started ringing and our emails started lighting up across, really, the world, as far away as Australia and Nova Scotia. Zealand. “

McMullan said he started using TikTok in March and was initially confused and surprised at how well his videos were received.

“Grilling was the first category because it was spring, so we would put our grills on the ground and a lot of people like to see us cooking, and we were cooking chicken wings,” McMullan said.

“So we released the video where we teach people how to cook chicken wings using the Napoleon grill basket and we sold grills even before the season started,” he said, adding that he was getting calls from California and Kentucky for barbecues.

“It just got bigger and bigger with each passing day. Every video that we posted, the reactions started to increase. We were down to five or six, now it’s 10 to 12 emails a day but they come from everywhere, they are very rarely from our region, ”he said.

His brother Kyle McMullan answered calls from around the world.

“It’s gone from local calls, three or four calls a week to people calling from Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia. A lot from the United States,” Kyle said. “They just want to give us their money, it’s a bit overwhelming, it was crazy!”

The brothers believe this is the down-to-earth behavior of the videos, mocking the flaws of some devices, and also doing tests, like the nickel test, to demonstrate how stable a Huebsch washing machine is with nickels standing while the machine is running.

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“From what people tell me, it’s honesty and genuineness, but I also think it’s the fact that it’s a very non-threatening approach,” Corey said.

“I never ask for the sale, I don’t ask people to go to my website, I never talk about price. I just show people the products I like and why I like them and how they impact them. people and the rest take care of themselves, ”he added.

Corey has even posted videos with celebrities, like American actress, model, musician and songwriter Zooey Deschanel.

People traveled from all over the province, including a man from Paris, Ontario. buy a washing machine.

“It’s a thousand mile drive and he drove at 4am and picked up the washing machine and went home,” Corey said. “He probably went through five stores that might sell the same washer.”

A recent video posted on Oct. 26 about heavy-duty washing machines was viewed more than 3.1 million times on Saturday morning.

“It increased the actual size of our audience by 55%. There were 23,000 new subscribers just since the publication of this video,” he said.

While going viral has been great for business, the problem now is trying to keep devices and mattresses in stock.

“If you have to buy appliances, be prepared to wait six to eight months,” Corey said. “It’s the norm now where it was seven days.”

“It could be in May before they get it, the best case scenario of January if they place an order today,” Kyle added, saying the pandemic has also caused supply problems since. last year on some items.

McMullan Wedding Rings and Mattresses

Either way, the new viral sensation says he will continue to post videos daily, even with all the fame restored.

“They usually say, ‘There’s the TikTok guy! “” Kyle said of the moment people walk into the store.

“He has fans from the age of five. We had two little kids and they came with their dad to see the guy they watch every night before they go to bed on TikTok,” he said. added.

“I walked into the local auto parts store in early September just to get a battery and all I heard was, ‘Mr. TikTok is in the building’ so that’s pretty impressive. Corey said with a laugh.

He says one of the funniest stories about going viral is about his father Brian, who deals with a woman in search of a full set of kitchen appliances.

“He was in a very deep quote, and he finally said, ‘Well, where do you live? and she said Ontario, California, ”he laughed.

“So you end up in situations like this if you don’t ask the right questions. You can invest a lot of time in it,” Corey said.

“It started out as a joke, believe it or not. Just a swipe and here we are,” Kyle said.

“We’re having a really fun time. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon,” added Corey.

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