Spotlight on teachers: Moniz educates her students about art, one brushstroke at a time

FARMVILLE, North Carolina (WNCT) – Growing up, art was Adam Moniz’s passion, and teaching was not a career path he envisioned.

“I really wanted to do art, and I know it’s a tough field to tackle, and of course my parents were worried that I would find a job after college,” Moniz said.

Until the opportunity for a fellow presents itself.

“So I thought maybe that was a way of getting a job and doing art at the same time,” he said.

He is now an art teacher at Sam Bundy Elementary School in Pitt County.

“It clicked weirdly,” Moniz said. “There were things about it that felt a little more natural.

“Art is a cool place for a lot of kids because they don’t feel like they belong. Usually when it comes to art or music, this is where they shine a bit more. “

Moniz uses art as a way to bond with her students.

“I think through art it’s easy to connect with students who are sometimes hard to reach,” said Moniz. “They don’t have difficulty with math or reading right now, they are able to do something in a different way or skill, and if it is not difficult for them or even if it is ‘it does, it’s something we can relate to. “

Without this creative escape, Moniz said her students might not be as successful in the future.

“Art is one of those things that allows them to think outside the box, to be creative and to be critical thinkers,” said Moniz. “You walk down the hall and you’re a mini celebrity. All children love art and they are really excited about art.

He sees the impact he has on his students.

“This school has really been a family to me,” said Moniz. “It’s not just a job. We all come and support each other. We all work together to make sure students have the best possible environment. “

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