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Over the past few months, the continued creation and expansion of an online metaverse has dominated tech headlines and conversations; Using some of the same technology, a St. Petersburg startup is creating an immersive online community for women at all stages of motherhood – the Mamaverse.

At Wednesday’s 1 Million Cups event, hosted by Thrive DTSP, Founder Tu-Hien Le introduced the Mamaverse to a panel of local business leaders. A regular at 1 Million Cups, Le attended an event in 2015 and launched her first startup, BeauGen. She said BeauGen, which offers breastfeeding products and online courses, has since generated seven-figure revenues from 90,000 customers in 12 countries.

Le said throughout her journey of working with new mothers that she discovered that the challenges of motherhood don’t stop after breastfeeding.

“That’s why I’m here to create the ultimate self-care experience, called the Mamaverse,” she said.

Le said the concept is unique and based on a mobile app that is still in beta testing. The app offers self-care challenges encompassing mental, social and spiritual well-being. Users form teams with other mothers and then compete to win rewards.

Like the Metaverse, the Mamaverse is also built using blockchain technology and uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

“My vision is to move forward with my audience,” she added.

The Mamaverse ecosystem combines the benefits of established digital communities with cutting-edge technology to create a unique experience. This includes mixing the social atmosphere of Facebook groups with the online competitions offered by Peloton exercise bikes.

Le said users unlock rewards through community competitions like badges, digital merchandise from their favorite brands, or a virtual ticket to a Justin Bieber concert held in the Metaverse. Le called the possibilities for digital rewards “endless.”

“I’m just taking the strengths of these proven, existing technologies and integrating them into this … self-care experience for moms in the Mamaverse,” she said.

Said challenges range in difficulty, from drinking a certain amount of water a day to doing 30 minutes of exercise or yoga. The business would depend on uploaded photos or videos and the honor system as a method of verification.

This could prove problematic, a panelist pointed out, when offering rewards.

As the app focuses on self-care, Le said if anyone cheats the system, they’re cheating themselves, and currently most of the rewards are simply earning badges. Another panelist noted that the team aspect would promote honesty.

“I think most users would try to improve on their own,” Le said.

Le asked the panel to help publicize his project. She currently has 90,000 contacts and her goal is to reach 500,000 people, she said, to unlock the funding needed to move the Mamaverse forward. She added that contacts for those working with blockchain technology and in the metaverse space would help further propel her latest venture.

By his websiteinterested users can join a waiting list for the Mamaverse until the app is out of beta testing.

“I’m not trying to invent anything new,” Le said. “I happen to have an audience that I want to bring into the future with me, and I believe the future is going in the direction of the metaverse and NFTs.”

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