‘Stephen Curry at 40 May Be Seth Curry’: NBA Analysts Surprisingly Match Warriors Superstar’s Post-Prime to His Brother’s Current Premier

Ben Taylor and Kevin O’Connor think Stephen Curry at around 40 will be some sort of Seth Curry type player.

With Seth Curry emerging as a blind shooter from beyond the arc, it almost feels like Curry’s gene pool, starting with Dell Curry, is filled to the brim with talented shooting abilities. . Stephen Curry, of course, is the greatest example of this, as he is widely regarded as the greatest shooter to ever play basketball.

Statistically, Seth was actually a more accurate shooter than his older brother, Steph, beyond the arc. While the 2x MVP has hit a whopping 43.1% of his career 3s, the Sixers star has nearly a percentage point on him knocking down 43.9% of his career 3s.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Seth is a better shooter than Stephen Curry, but rather it speaks to Steph’s greatness. Taking down 43.1% of your 3s with his focus on defense is truly remarkable.

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However, Seth has made a name for himself over the years as a marksman and the way he gets his three is slightly different from Steph’s. NBA analysts Kevin O’Connor and Ben Taylor elaborate on this point.

Seth Curry may be the model Stephen Curry falls under at 40.

Ben Taylor and KOC, in the most recent episode of “The Void”, spoke of a rather enduring career path for Stephen Curry. In their segment on Jokic, Ben made a passing comment about how Steph can adapt to the hardwood of the NBA until he is 40 years old or even older.

He would go on to say that he thinks Steph in his forties can sort of be like Seth Curry. Now, for fans who think Seth and Steph are playing alike, they wouldn’t be very precise with that assessment.

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Elder Curry’s conditioning is miles from Seth’s, as the latter doesn’t weave his way through a barrage of screens for 34 minutes a night only to snap open for one hit. Seth’s playstyle is more focused on 3-sided dummy pumps or dummy pumps to get inside the arc for the 19-footers.

Long middys are ineffective, but they get the job done if you shoot them effectively. Seth Curry shoots 52.1% from 20 to 24 feet, which covers the long midrange just outside the arc.

So, for Stephen Curry to extend his NBA career while being an effective and efficient shooter, rather than expanding his lineup, according to Ben Taylor, he should look to throw defenses off guard by entering the arc if given any. the occasion.

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