Still single! Amber Ray confirms her breakup with businessman Jimal (screenshot)

Socialite Amber Ray has finally answered the most asked question about her relationship with businessman Jimal Roho Safi. The exquisite socialite has confirmed that they are no longer together; even after Jimal introduced her to her family a few months ago.

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Jimal had already formalized the fact that he would take Amber Ray as his 2nd wife; something that Amira, the 1st wife, was not happy with. After Amber divorced from businessman and politician Zaheer Jhanda; Amber said her biggest regret was coming to terms with being a second wife and added that she would never do it again.

Jimal was playing his cards well and had Amber on his leash. She even began to call herself “the president of the second wives”.

End of the road

Additionally, Amber Ray hinted at the split when she removed Jimal’s name from her Instagram name.

She has now further confirmed her Insta stories in a question-and-answer session. When one of her fans asked her if they were together, she replied;

“No more now”

She also added that she did not regret fighting for Jimal.

The split comes after Amber Ray and Amira exchanged heinous statements at their Syokimau home a few weeks ago. Looks like Jimal was forced to make a choice between family and Amber.

Jimal went ahead to take a break from social media; obviously to stay away from everyone’s shenanigans.

He has now reunited with his sons and his first wife Amira. We might not see a drama between Amber and Amira for a long time.

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