Successful businessman DC Singh is branching out with a number of exciting new ventures

Designing and delivering innovative apps to top football clubs, the diversity of Scottish entrepreneur DC Singh’s business seems limitless.

Didar Singh Chalana known as DC Singh is an inspirational businessman and with hard work and innovative ideas he has created not just one but several international businesses.

Working alongside multi-national billionaires and investors, he also shares his vast knowledge and has even been offered over £1million for his business advice and know-how.

Traveling around the world, DC met many of the world’s top business moguls, many of whom are now considered close friends. It was not an overnight success, it took fourteen long years of research and dogged determination.

Coming from humble beginnings in India, with no formal education, he made the big decision to make Edinburgh his home.

While working as a store assistant in the Royal Mile DC, she saw a gap in the market for good quality cashmere and lambswool.


Establishing the fact that Edinburgh was the international hub for these products gave DC the idea to create the Edinburgh Cashmere brand.

Edinburgh Cashmere is now recognized worldwide as one of the most trusted brands manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling the finest quality 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool, which DC oversees all aspects of production, from design to manufacturing in its own factory. .

He believes this attention to detail is what has allowed him to reach heights in this industry that his competitors have not reached in a lifetime.

With sales soaring and flagship stores opening in the UK, US, France, Japan and the UAE, next year’s annual sales are expected to exceed 20 million of pounds sterling.


All DC businesses are also ready to start accepting payments with a cutting-edge new cryptocurrency.

Edinburgh Cashmere’s exclusive designs and attention to detail have seen it recently sign deals with top designer brands in Italy and France as well as top football clubs.

Another of his successful ventures is DC Milan, a fashion-forward fashion brand that retails quirky designer jackets, jeans and sweatshirts.


Each garment is designed and manufactured in-house by DC, with all garments adorned with its trademark logos, one of which is the DC Milan Tiger symbolizing strength, determination and leadership. These qualities are most definitely part of DC Singh’s work ethic!

DC’s success allowed him to venture into property development and over the years he has amassed an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial properties in the UK and overseas.

Working alongside developers and investors, his latest soon-to-be-unveiled project will showcase innovative new construction techniques using environmentally friendly solutions in the construction industry.


DC Tasty is another brainchild of this talented entrepreneur, a fast food chain selling healthy nutritional pizzas and burgers that will prove popular in this health conscious world we live in today.

Working with top chefs and nutritionists for five years now, the menu is ready and DC will soon launch this business through a franchise option.

It seems that DC Singh’s scope of business has no limits, his latest being in the tech sector, with a mobile taxi app. The development of the app will see both taxi drivers and customers reap the benefits, drivers will earn more money and passengers will realize huge savings. Environmentally friendly and covered by all health and safety regulations.


Working on this has also inspired him to develop other apps, so watch this space for more ideas.

DC’s business acumen and celebrity status have recently seen his brands and himself featured in magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, GQ and Grazia. Hard work and determination seem to have paid off for this business mastermind.



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