Suk Ram – From hairstylist to hair care business owner

All successful people have one thing in common, they all followed their hearts and we are not afraid to take risks. Suk Ram is no different. The world-renowned hairstylist who has been a creative mind behind many fashion events around the world attributes his success to the choices he made years ago as a young man. The choice to become a professional hairdresser. From the very beginning of his childhood, Suk Ram had a clear idea of ​​his passion and the career path he had chosen. He states that he enjoyed creating other people’s hairstyles as a child, unlike most kids his age. He has always considered hairdressing as an art and a craft that he loves.

Talking about his inspirations early in his career, he tells us that he has always been inspired by art galleries, historic places, nature and international icons such as Karl Lagerfeld and Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood. Suk Ram also tells us about Eugene Soloman, Sam Kcknight, Guidi Palou and Luigi Merenu as hairdressers who inspired him early in his career and whose work he admires. Having a learner’s perspective and viewing hairstyling as an art form has helped him push the boundaries and improve his skills every day throughout his career. Also a result of his success today as a hairdresser.

It’s been over 20 years since Suk Ram started his career as a hairstylist, hailing from Coventry, England. Today his success has crossed borders and he has become a world famous hairdresser. Among his accomplishments, he has won numerous awards for his dedication to craftsmanship. This success has also opened many doors for him and he also owns his personal hair and cosmetics brand Suk Ram Haircare. With determination, clear vision and hard work, Suk Ram has achieved much more than he dreamed of as a young man and he continues to inspire through his hairdressing journey in life.

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