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ONGOLE: Divyesh Yeluri may only be 16, but his determination to become an entrepreneur not only helped him become one, but also won the Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year award – 2021.

The teenager had the idea of ​​a nature-friendly antibacterial bath towel. At present, the towels, called “Towelight”, are produced in a unit in Himachal Pradesh. However, Divyesh plans to set up a manufacturing unit in her home states of Telugu.

Divyesh is the eldest son of Yeluri Sambasiva Rao and Malathi. He is currently studying Standard XI and is continuing the IBDP course at Indus International School in Hyderabad.

The teenage entrepreneur comes from a family of politicians and industrialists. His family owns the Nova Agri technology industries and his father, Sambasiva Rao, is the deputy for the Parchuru Assembly constituency in Prakasam district.

Divyesh came up with the idea for antimicrobial towels when he was studying in Standard IX. He noticed that his towel smelled foul. Upon further research, he learned that the bad smell was due to the microbes and bacteria growing inside the fabric.

Speaking to TNIE, Divyesh explained, “Towelight is infused with natural pure silver which has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Silver technology also helps remove unpleasant odors, making it perfect for people with sensitive noses.

Adding that the towels are labeled on the face, the teenager said: “You wipe your private parts with the top of a towel one day and the next day use that same part to wipe your face. we wouldn’t admit it and ‘Towelight’ towels help prevent such a situation.

Self-cleaning towels do not need to be washed for at least six months from first use. The teenage entrepreneur said his father was very encouraging and funded his idea with Rs 3 lakh.

Sambasiva Rao Yeluri said: “Since her childhood, Divyesh has always thought about inventions. I am very happy that he won the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021” award.

Speaking of the hurdles he faced at first, the teenager said: “Due to the Covid epidemic, I haven’t been able to make a big leap in my business over the past two seasons.”

However, he is hoping for the best for the current fiscal year as he was receiving wholesale orders from various locations.

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